Doll Miran Japan

Japan Beauty Doll Miran

This video and photo set of the lovely Asian beauty Miran from Japan is one of my all time favorites.  Miran busted out into the scene just a few years ago and she was an instant superstar.  Big smile, beautiful tan body and one rock hard cock made her a fan favorite quickly.  She zipped off to the USA eventually and ended up doing some content for some of the American producers and Bob’s Tgirls took full advantage of this.  In fact I think Bob did more shoots with her than anyone else.  Bob’s Tgirls has like 12 videos on her and if you know anything about Bob, he loves tgirls from all over the world and he must have been totally in love with Miran, I mean who couldn’t be.

What I love about this set is the whole Barbie Doll idea even though in this case it was called the Miran Doll.  I can tell you know if this was a real thing you could buy I would buy as many as possible and I would be taking Miran out of the box!  I know you are not suppose to take out your collectables out, but who could resist having a Miran doll in the bedroom.  Ladyboys in Japan are often referred to as Newhalf but really I do not care so much for labels.  I only mention them on this site as many are familiar with the terms and it helps them find the content.  Miran to me is all girl and all hot and to have her as a girlfriend would be beyond paradise.  I do hope that Miran makes it over to the West once again once this pandemic is over.  I would love to see more content made of her and if I am lucky get to actually meet up with this vision of beauty.

Japan Tgirl Miran