Katoeys Are Us LAdyboys

Katoeys Are Us – Ladyboy Bar

Katoeys Are Us is a hot new Ladyboy Bar you can find in Pattaya, Thailand. The Go Go bar is located On Soi Diamond just across from the Diamond Hotel off of Walking Street which is a very famous area consisting of bars and Go Gos featuring sexy girls and ladyboys as well. Katoeys Are Us is not directly on Walking Street which makes it a bit more private for those that would rather keep their ladyboy fantasies quiet and there is even a back entrance to the establishment located on Soi 15. You follow the entrance to the Green View Hotel, make a right down a small lighted Alley and straight in the back door but even the Soi Diamond way is pretty private as well, most will just think you are walking to see more girly bars as there are a lot of them around the same area.

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Normally, I would do a review of the bar and score the establishment on a number of factors but I am not in Thailand at the moment so this post will be more of an informational post. All the photos are from Ladyboys Pattaya which is a popular forum about these special girls and I have also talked to one of the owners of Katoeys Are Us bar and he supplied me with some information and also said I could use the photos from his forum post which you see throughout this post.

Katoeys Are Us LAdyboys Pool Party

Katoeys Are Us I have been told has about 25 to 35 ladyboys working there. If you are familiar with Pattaya, the bar was actually called Spanky’s in the past and was a girly bar but things have changed and now you have sexy ladyboys instead. Katoeys Are Us is classified as a Go Go Bar so many of the ladyboys are dressed up in bikinis and dancing on the stage for your entertainment. You can call them down for drinks and if you like one of them you are welcome to bar fine one and take her for some naughty fun. I have also been told that there is a short time hotel connected to the bar, so you can slip up to a room for some fun and slip out if you are in the mood for a quick fix and rather not take her back to your home or hotel.

Katoeys Are Us LAdyboys Show Girls

Katoeys Are Us also has some fun shows during the night as well, lip syncing, dancing, pageants and even some special event fun pool parties that might be happening during the day. The doors of the bar are open at 8pm and go late into the night. Walking Street by default closes at 3am (Except for Discos) but some bars are known to stay open longer if there happen to be some customers still inside. The bar has a drinking happy hour between 8 to 10pm and at the time of this post all beers and shelf whisky is only 79 Baht. Also, during the month they often introduce other drink specials. The girls are pleasant and want to have a great time with you, do not feel like you have to bar fine a ladyboy, you can just stop by and enjoy the shows and drinks. However, after seeing some of these beauties in their bikinis I am sure it will be difficult to resist their charm. Next time I am in Pattaya, after the summer I will make sure to stop in and do a more official review of this great new bar!

Katoeys Are Us LAdyboys