La Bamba Ladyboys

La Bamba Ladyboy Bar Review

La Bamba is a very cool and laid back Ladyboy Bar in Pattaya Thailand. It is located just off the beach on Soi 13/1. You will see a Starbucks on at the corner of the street. Just walk down the street and it is located on the left hand side, usually there will be a couple ladyboys sitting out front to greet you. If you have been to La Bamba before you might not be aware that they recently moved across the street as they used to be on the right hand side. The street is also known as Soi Yamato, taxi drivers should know at least one of the two names to get you there in a hurry.

La Bamba Bar is actually one of my favorite places for ladyboys. The mood of the bar is pretty relaxed with soft blue and purple lights, comfy chairs to sit and aquariums to give off chill atmosphere. The ladyboys are very sexy and though they do not have a huge line up, usually about 10 ladyboys are working they have some of the most popular ladyboys around in both beauty and personality. The ladyboys here love to get drinks, have relations and have fun like the rest but they usually are not as aggressive showing it, unless you give off that vibe that you want to be playfully attacked they will certainly do so.

This is not a Go-Go but they do have a couple of stripper poles near the front of the bar where some of the girls often jump up and show some naughty dance moves. The bar to get drinks  is located near the back and you can sit there or sit on a sofa chair and someone will come by and take your drink order. They also have one of the nicest bathrooms I have seen in any bar in Pattaya. I know, why are we talking about bathrooms, but really it is very nice with an ocean feel to the design. It is nice to not have to step into a dirty bathroom and many of the bars in Thailand are not exactly spotless, so it is a nice bonus.

The music is typical with mostly some sort of dance beat or related music that the girls can dance to on the stripper poles. The music is not too loud which is a nice bonus as well, so you can actually talk to the ladyboys or perhaps friends that have come along with you. As this is not a GO-GO the girls are usually not in bikinis but they always wear very sexy dresses or more revealing outfits that are sure to make your mouth water and your eyes pop out from your head. Though a small selection they have a nice line up of ladyboys with some very cute small natural ones to your more developed ones that have been in the scene a little longer. You are sure to find one that will make your head spin.

As like most bars in Pattaya you can bar fine one of the girls for either some short time or long time action. They do not officially have rooms upstairs in the bar, but the girls do live there so if you want to do a quick short time you usually can zip upstairs and have some fun. You also have the option to take them back to your place or find another hotel for some quick or long fun. The bar actually has some cozy rooms available to people that want a place to stay. It is only about 500 baht a night which is about 15 dollars American and you get a small room, shower, air conditioning, fridge and a television. Now this is not the Ritz Hotel so don’t expect all the perks but what you do get is a nice little room and close to a lot of the action. You are a hop, skip and a jump from La Bamba and other ladyboy bars in the area. The rooms are clean and inexpensive, so if you don’t need all the fancy stuff it is a nice choice and if you are on a budget well even better. You will want to be spending most of your money on fun! They also have encrypted wireless Internet and a safe to keep your valuables in each room.

I think La Bamba is a great bar to just relax and have some fun with a lovely ladyboy. The place is chill and pretty private and you will sure to feel quite at ease inside. If you are a first time ladyboy seeker it is a great starting bar as you will not feel overly pressured to spend lots of money or take one of the ladyboys. However even for the veteran this is a great bar and there are many regulars that love to come back and hang out with these visions of beauty.  Stop by and have a drink, check it out for yourself and I am sure you will enjoy your stay here.