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I created this Ladyboy Portal not to show off hours of hardcore porn but instead give the fans a place where they can learn more about these special Asian Girls. Perhaps you are coming to Thailand and are looking for the best bars, perhaps you are interested in Dating a Ladyboy and want to know more information on how it is possible, basically anything you want to know I want to be able to answer. The best sites to find them, how they think and what you can expect when you meet one for the first time.

I am not going to sit here and tell you I am an expert in Ladyboys but I do have a lot of experience. I have been to Asia several times. I know the nightlife, the best places to find the girls and have had experience in dating them. I have even had a Ladyboy Girlfriend in the past, though single now it is an option I might try again in the future. It is something I am not rushing into now as I have learned from my experiences and of course my mistakes.

This portal is all about you and what you want to learn about these special girls. I plan to have reviews of sites and bars, dating questions and how to find them online, the good ladyboys from the bad and so much more. Anything I can think of I will post and with your help and questions I hope to make this site something special and unique from your typical adult ladyboy porn site. Yes there might be some paid advertisements that direct you to adult sites, a few people have contacted me about that help sponsor the site but this site is no way directly associated with adult sites, it is just a fun fan ladyboy information site.

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