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Ammi and Yaya Ladyboy Lesbians

Ammi and Yaya are two sexy Pattaya Ladyboys that love to do everything together including having hot sex with each other.  It is great to see the site Asian Tgirl starting to add more lesbian scenes and I hope they keep up with it.  Shooting movies in Thailand is not exactly an easy thing to do and often just one ladyboy can be difficult to shoot if there are language issues and so forth but have two is something you do not see very often.  I often thought that Thai Ladyboys are not into each other at all but that is often not the case at all.  I have seen and heard that lesbian ladyboy sex behind closed doors is not uncommon.  These girls love cock and will do almost anything to get it.  Sure they probably for the most part would love to be in your pants but adding a ladyboy to the scene is usually never a problem.

If you ever do get a ladyboy girlfriend and you are looking to introduce other ladyboys into your sexual play in some sweet threesomes or even more I would give you this advice.  Tell your new girlfriend of your intentions early in the relationship.  That is a mistake many men make when hooking up with a ladyboy, girl or even guy in Thailand.  If you plan to fool around or bring more people into your sexual fun let them know right away.  The reason is if you wait to long the ladyboy gets used to being the only sexual partner in your life.  If in a year or two you decide you want to add more ladyboys to your fun they might feel like you are getting tired of them or bored and want to move on with another.   In fact that really goes with everything when relationships in Thailand.  Like if you like to go out on your own sometimes to hang out with your friends or some alone time, make sure to start doing that at the start of the relationship.  If you take your girlfriend everywhere with you then again they get used to it and do not understand why you want to go out alone lets say in a year.

Ammi and Yaya are great friends and if you dated either one of them you surely could have the other one over for some extra fun.  Of course not all partners in Thailand are going to agree to this but from what I have witnessed though the Thai people seem sweet and innocent, they often have quite the sexual exploration side if you can bring it out in them early.

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