Bangkok Ladyboy Yanisa

Bangkok Curvy Beauty Ladyboy Yanisa

Yanisa is a sexy Ladyboy that lives and works out of Bangkok, Thailand.  However, she has excellent English skills and often travels to different countries usually in Asia and Europe for work so she is up for meeting you.  I would say Yanisa is not your typical slender ladyboy that you are probably used to seeing on the adult and dating sites.  Sure I would say the majority of ladyboys in Thailand are on the slender side of things, it is something in their genetics for the whole population.  They are just naturally slender but that does not mean there are not some thicker people out there and Yanisa is an excellent example of that.

Yanisa is actually highly in demand because of her thicker size and of course that big friendly smile.  She is not your typical ladyboy which makes her stand out of a crowd and gets many fans including myself very interested.  Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and a lot of people love the girls with a little more meat on their bones and that does not include just what is in her panties.  Though she does have quite a big one down there and a very big cumshot.  You can pop on over to Yanisa’s model profile on the Models Tube if you want to see some x-rated videos of her.  You can see why people love her, she has got the attitude, the curves and the cock to get you in the mood for loving.  I have never met Yanisa on my travels and only really found about her at the end of my stay in Thailand and had to head back home due to the Covid outbreak.  I can tell you she is high on my list to meet when I get back to the country, just hope she is there when I arrive as she does love to travel.