Ladyboy Lala

Bangkok Cutie Lala Bath Strip

Lala is another perfect example of why you need to go to Bangkok if you love ladyboys.  She is a petite doll with nice curves and a sweet hard cock.  She loves to have lots of fun in and out of the bedroom and in this case the bathroom.  Love the blonde hair on her to make her stand out a bit from her friends who are also probably pretty hot as well.  Lala now has two full videos on Asian Tgirl and one of them is a stick cumshot.  She is in the perfect place to get sticky as you can have a bath with her when you are both covered in cum and you can start the process all over again.  Lala to me looks like girlfriend material.  She just has that look that would surely suit you as you head to dinner, the movies or back to your bedroom for a night of hot sex.

Love the dress she has as well, she knows what she is going.  Pushing up those sweet boobs to get your attention.  That is the great thing about ladyboys they know how the male mind works and what turns us on.  Sexy is so frowned upon these days but not for the ladyboys.  There is a saying in Thailand about how if the girl is too hot to be true then it is probably a ladyboy you are looking at and I must say that is true.  Do not get me wrong there are some beautiful CIS girls in Thailand but a super hot ladyboy can often outshine them.

Ladyboy Lala Bangkok