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Ladyboy Portal – Thailand Bar Reviews | Dating | Girlfriends | September 30, 2020

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Bangkok Ladyboys Are The Best

Bangkok Ladyboys Are The Best

| On 15, Feb 2020

Bangkok Ladyboys Are The Best

Do not get me wrong Thailand has beautiful ladyboys all over the country but Bangkok is where you are going to find the hottest ones on average.  Take Coco in the photo above, she is just a stunning tgirl and if she was walking around in the West I doubt any guy would think she has got a special surprise in her panties.  Even the ones that did know would probably not say a word in hopes of getting a chance of getting into the bedroom.

I know I have not updated this site in a while but hope that will begin to change with beautiful girls like Coco.  I will not post hardcore content directly on this site but if you want to see more of Coco she has three full videos on Franks, just click the image above.  The contact information of her is also inside of the site.  She would be such an amazing time in the bedroom and surely a fun girl just to sit back and have some drinks with to.

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