Bangkok Beauty Sarah

Bangkok Lingerie Beauty Sarah

Keeping up with the tradition of super hot ladyboys in Bangkok, today we have Sarah.  This tall beauty has model looks but goes wild in the bedroom.  She has an all year round tan thanks to her beautiful golden skin.  Her booty is her favorite part and seems to be the favorite part of most fans besides those bedroom eyes that lead you into the room.  Sarah is from Bangkok and loves foreign guys and hopes do have a boyfriend one day in the future.  Until that day she will just tease the guys in her tight dresses and sexy lingerie in hopes for some late night fun.  Sarah is versatile and is known for her ability to go all night as they say.  She loves going to the disco at night after hours and dance and have a few drinks.  She would be disappointed if you were there and did not take her home after it closes, or even a bit earlier, she does not mind if you are ready to go.

This is from Frank’s Tgirls site and at the time of this post she has 2 full videos and photo sets.  If you like to see her in some x-rated solo action you can head on over to her bangkok ladyboy sarah but I suggest you also check out Frank’s as the full video, her contact info and a huge collection of other ladyboys are waiting for you on there.  Sarah sometimes looks a bit intimidating due to her tall frame and mysterious eyes but do not let that fool you, she is actually a sweetheart.

Sexy Bangkok LAdyboy Sarah