Bangkok Ladyboy iceland

Bangkok Natural Cutie Iceland

Ladyboy named Iceland is making her first appearance on Frank’s Tgirls.  For those of you that leave in Iceland I am sorry she is not in that country she is in Bangkok with this cute name.  She is an all natural beauty with long legs, big smile, cute ears, wild hair and surprisingly a pretty big cock.  Iceland loves to travel, go shopping, head to the beach and dine out.  In the bedroom she loves to get wild and she is always hungry for cock.  She was very excited to shoot for Frank’s Tgirls and I am sure we will be seeing her back on the site again.  I do love her hair, she looks amazing and has an unique look to her.

She is versatile in the bedroom but she will do what you like.  She enjoys pleasing her man as that gets her even more excited knowing you are being pleasured.  She is looking for a boyfriend but like many ladyboys in Bangkok she is a sexual creature and has her needs.  She will get freaky in the bedroom while she waits for that man that she can be faithful to but for now some hot booty calls is fine by her.

Bangkok Ladyboy Iceland