Ladyboy Emmy

Bangkok Sexy Beauty Ladyboy Emmy

Emmy is a beautiful ladyboy that lives and works in Bangkok.  She actually has 3 videos on Asian Tgirl but this scene is her first appearance since 2013.  Great to have her back and she looks a lot different than in the past.  Sure she still is super cute but she has got some big boobs and she is on the hunt for a new boyfriend.  Great thing about these Asian beauties is even as they get older they continue to look like they are almost the same age.  Surely Emmy is in her late 20’s now and she probably has more experience in the bedroom but that is a good thing.  A little more wiser in life and under the sheets and she is good to go for a hot night of fun with you or if you are looking for that special lady in your life talk to her and see what happens.

She is also a smart girl as well and she has a regular job of being an insurance broker.  There is a misconception that all ladyboy in Thailand are active at all times in the sex industry and that is not always true.  Sure there are lots that are but there are lots that are not.  Some have day to day jobs like everyone else though it can be difficult for a ladyboy to land a high end position like a doctor, hopefully something that will change soon.  I am a guy that thinks everyone deserves to have a chance to be whatever they want but sometimes certain areas of the world or populations just are not ready for it.  In any case Emmy might not be in the bar and Go-G0 Dance establishments but she still does like to meet guys for fun on the side.  She actually gets pretty excited showing her body on camera and hey if you need a new insurance broker she certainly would be one beautiful one to take care of your claims.

Asian LAdyboy Emmy