Asian Tgirl Pattaya Helen

Bathing Suit Beauty Ladyboy Helen

Helen is a new find over on Asian Tgirl and I do love what I see.  She looks like she is having so much fun at the beach and even more fun back at your condo.  I know a lot of people head to Pattaya to sleep with ladyboys but if you ever get a chance take one of the girls at the bar on a trip to the beach.  Helen would surely love to spend a day in the water and you would be surprised how much more fun that will end up in the bedroom.  We all see these girls at the bars and such and think they are having a great time and they maybe true but they do appreciate it so much when they can take a break from that bar and have some regular fun.  Besides seeing a sexy ladyboy in her bikini or bathing suit is always pretty hot especially when that darker skin body is all wet, it looks glorious under the sun.

This is Helen’s first adult shoot and she seems right at home in front of the camera.  She probably spends a lot of time posing like many of the ladyboys do already but probably really enjoys someone else taking the photos.  she surely gets off that so many guys like us are behind the monitor just loving what we are seeing.  The idea that so many guys want to get in her panties, or this case her bathing suit has got to turn her on.

Helen PAttaya Ladyboy