Ladyboy Maria

Cambodian Sexy Petite Ladyboy Maria

Maria is a smoking hot Ladyboy that works in Bangkok, Thailand but is from Cambodia.  She has an amazing look to her with a cute face and petite body.  She is also packing a nice girl cock in those panties and she would love to be erect for you in the bedroom.  She now has two scenes on Frank’s Tgirls at the time of this posting and I am sure Frank loves what he sees and will hopefully have her back for many more.  She works at Cindy’s Secret Bar in Bangkok.  In fact Cindy was a very popular model on many sites for a lot of years as well so I am sure she knows that kind of sexy ladyboy she wants to have in her bar to draw us horny ladyboy fans inside.  I have a feeling that Maria is going to have a boyfriend soon looking like she does and I have not even talked about her fine ass.  She has a beautiful body and it just goes to show that Thailand is not the only country in Asia to have incredible Asian Tgirls.  In fact most of the countries have a lot of beautiful ladyboys, however Thailand seems to be the most accepting out of the countries and has the most especially in the sex industry area.  That is why Maria is surely in Thailand because she knows the customer ratio is much higher!

Bangkok Ladyboy Maria