Ladyboy Alice

Cindy’s Secret Ladyboy Bar Alice

Meet the sexy newcomer Alice to the portal from her hot first set on Asian Tgirl.  She is just nineteen years old and she is excited to show you what she has in her panties.  She has been in Bangkok for about 2 months coming from up North.  She has been working at Cindy’s Secret Bar and she hopes you will come and say hello, play some pool and perhaps have a drink with her though I am not sure she is even allowed to have alcohol yet.  For some reason I think the age limit is 21 in Thailand so she just might be sipping on some pop or something.  However, not like the rules are enforced to much in the red light district area.  What I can tell you is she has a sweet smile, has a great body and a nice cock.  She is versatile and is excited to see more tourists come back to her country after Covid.

Cindy’s Secret Bar is actually a newer Ladyboy Bar that has recently appeared.  It is great to see that there is some recovery in the Red Light District area.  I am quite positive that a huge amount of ladyboy bars and bars in general closed down.  If you know the Thai people they often live day to day on money so I would guess that a lot of these bars never in a thousand years had a pandemic in mind and probably did not save a penny and just could not survive.  I know many people are happy that the red light district area is dying but there are many people that do depend on it.  Cindy is actually a ladyboy herself and she was well-known in the industry for having a petite little body and a pretty big rock hard cock.  I met her before she is a doll so excited to get to her bar in the future.

Ladyboy Alice from Cindy's Secret Bar Bangkok