Ladyboy Pooh Bangkok Cock

Cosplay Santa’s Girl Ladyboy Pooh

Pooh is a very sexy Bangkok Ladyboy and she is here to cheer you up with her big cock and cute Cosplay Santa’s Little Helper outfit.  Well I guess she would be Santa’s Big Helper with what she has in her panties.  Another year once again with the pandemic and it seems with the new variant things almost and perhaps are going backwards.  I long for the days I could head on over to Thailand and spend time with these lovely, sexy, friendly and yes horny ladyboys.  Sure I could technically go but right now just do not feel comfortable with traveling and being in another country until things settle down some.  Was considering lately until this new Variant strain popped up and decided not the time once again.  For those of you that are in Thailand I am jealous you still get to spend some hot times with these babes.

Sure there are some hotties in North American as well but not so much in the city where I am.  Besides I always found it a bit more difficult to relate to the Tgirls in the West.  Do not get me wrong I love them all as well but always found the Thai Ladyboys more laid back and easy to get along with, though I suppose that is more just because of the Thai Nature.  Now back to the lovely Pooh.  She is a fan favorite for several years.  Many of those years she did not have the additional bigger boobs but recently she decided to upgrade those.  I still think she looks amazing, though I do prefer the natural look more.  What really makes her popular besides her beauty, her sweetness is of course that horse cock she has.  That big mushroom head on it and it always gets rock hard.  She is also one of those babes that stays hard while she is riding you and to top it all off she loves to top as well.  She is cool with just being the bottom but if you want to try her candy cane in your ass she is all for it.

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