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Free Ladyboy Calendar 2015

If you are a ladyboy fan then you have probably heard of the site Ladyboy Gold. Many people do not realize that it is part of a network and you get quite a lot of sites when you join, all Asian Transsexual by the way. Last few years then been coming out with Calendars for the new year and once again they are back with some hot content. This year however they have decided to go more on the lines of the network instead of just the one site, so you get a lot of hot girls from all over their sites. I think this April is my personal favorite followed by the extra month in January 2016. Both of these girls are sweet as can be but there is always a lot more where that came from.

Ladyboy Gold Babes

If you want to learn more about all the sites in the network then stop by this Ladyboy Gold Portal site. It will give you reviews of many of the sites in the network and give you an idea on what to expect. what you can be sure of is you will get an update every day, contact information for most of the ladyboys, stories, cartoons, candids, adult movies and photos and much more, one of the best if not the best place for the Ladyboy Fan.

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