Guess Bar Ladyboys In Bangkok

Guess Bar Bangkok Ladyboys

Guess Ladyboy Bar Bangkok

Guess Bar Is Now Closed But A New Ladyboy Bar Has Replaced it called Chaos 9.

When I first became interested in Ladyboys several years ago I kept on seeing photos of a Ladyboy bar in Bangkok, Thailand called Guess Bar. The ladyboys were always so beautiful and I was memorized with each new photo I saw. I always assumed it was this huge bar filled with ladyboys on many levels but that was not the case. It is actually quite a small bar located on Sukhumvit Soi 4 just a couple minutes’ walk from the famous Nana Plaza a huge sex district in Bangkok filled with ladyboys and girls. When you come out of the Nana Plaza complex just cross the street and turn left and walk down just a couple of minutes and Guess Bar is in the corner of the parking lot just to the back right. It is not on the main stretch of the road so you have to look out for it to your right, once you pass Hilary Bar you should see the parking lot and just go to the end of it and down to your right and look for the Guess Bar Neon sign.

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Ladyboy Map For Guess Bar Bangkok

Guess Bar is probably one of the most well-known Ladyboy bars in Thailand. Many fans know about it and any fan that comes to Bangkok almost always goes there at least once. When you arrive at Guess Bar usually many ladyboys will be sitting out front at little tables eating, talking and looking to get your attention. After you enter the bar with or without a Ladyboy that is your choice you will see a bar to serve drinks on the right, tables and stools throughout the bar and a pool table located to the left back wall. There are also a couple of small stripper poles where the ladyboys often get up when then are in the mood to be naughty. Along the walls is many photos of ladyboys who have worked at Guess Bar both past and present and I am sure if you are a big fan you will recognize several of them.

Guess Bar Bangkok Ladyboys

The washroom is located in the hallway in back of the bar. You just leave out the door beside the pool table and take a right and the washroom is on your left hand side. Not the cleanest washroom I have seen by far but it does the trick when you have to go. The atmosphere of the bar is usually pretty relaxed and I find it is not too aggressive, in fact the last two times I went there the ladyboys didn’t even come inside when I went in the bar from the outside which I found a little odd as usually at least a couple follow me in. In any case the ladyboys are easy to talk to, would love you to buy them a drink or more and of course most of them are Pool Sharks if you would like to play a game of pool to lighten the mood. The drinks are standard prices for Bangkok and they have a pretty good selection of your standard drinks you can get in most of the bars.

sexy ladyboys in Bangkok Guess Bar

The bar is not a Go-Go Bar so there is no stage filled with ladyboys with numbers in bikinis but instead each Ladyboy usually has her own unique look and as I stated above dancing on the stripper poles, in front of you or even perhaps on the pool table are all possible scenarios. Guess Bar is also known for having a lot of parties for the big events such as New Years, Christmas, Halloween or a birthday for one the ladyboys or staff.

The bar officially closes at 2am in the morning but it is known to be open a little longer if the customer base if busy. However, from my experience I find after 12 am it really starts to quiet down at the bar for most nights. The bar usually has about 6 to 12 ladyboys working there at one time. Guess Bar usually has a nice mixture of different types of ladyboys and I am sure you will find one that will make you quite excited.

I enjoy Guess Bar I find it a great place to go to when I want a break from the Go-Go Bars or just want to have a more relaxed night out. I don’t feel a million Ladyboy eyes on me when I come into the bar and that can sometimes be just what I need. I would think that Guess Bar would also be a good choice for a newbie that is still nervous about meeting ladyboys. As I mentioned it is not as aggressive, the bar location is pretty private and the staff and ladyboys are very nice and sweet. Mind you it can get wild in this bar as well, all depends on who is there, how drunk everyone is and how wild you want to get, but for the most part a more relaxed ladyboy night out.

Beautiful Ladyboys at Guess Bar