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Hello Ladyboy Mini Review

Hello Ladyboy is another cool Asian TS site that most ladyboy fans will surely enjoy.  Hello Ladyboy focuses mostly on super cute, petite and very passable ladyboys in the Bangkok area.  Unlike most ladyboy sites on the Internet Hello Ladyboy also does not go right into the x-rated action.  You can also see the X Rated Review Version of Hello Ladyboy on Tgirl Reviews.  The videos are broken up into three parts.  First you get to know the ladyboy, what she likes to do, where she is from and so forth in an introduction.  From there we go onto the date section where the photographer might take her to the mall, a restaurant or just chill back at the hotel room.  Then we get to the third part of the movie and that is the hardcore sex.  Now some fans of ladyboys will surely just skip the first two parts of the movie and head directly to the hardcore but there will be those that want to know more about the model.  The models are really beautiful so just hanging out with them is a lot of fun, at least for this fan.

Hello Ladyboy has been updating on a regular basis since it opened and I must say I really love the hardcore videos.  Perhaps you have enjoyed these ladyboys as a sex tourist, someone that lived in Thailand or perhaps you just hope to go there in the future.  This site really gives you a feeling of what it is like to be with the working girls in Bangkok and really in any city where there are a lot of ladyboys.  The hardcore videos are quite long and the guy does almost everything with these girls.  He does not mind having bareback sex with some of them and he is also known to let the ladyboy cum in his mouth.  However, he does stick to being the top, meaning the ladyboys are not entering him but we do get to see the ladyboys do pretty much everything else including their own cumshots.   One thing that might be a tad annoying is the guy blurs out his face in the scenes so that gets a bit odd looking at times but in reality I have no interest in seeing the guy anyway, he is just a stunt cock for these beautiful ladyboys.

Hello Ladyboy Includes The Following:

  • Amazing Hardcore Scenes Can Be Very Long such as 45 min to 1 Hour
  • Unique Videos on Dating and Learning about the Ladyboy
  • Mostly Bangkok Models
  • Focuses on super cute, highly passable and petite models for the most part
  • About 300 videos which includes about 100 hardcore scenes
  • Model Database
  • Some Contact Info (not so much lately)
  • Good Search Features, Store your Favorites
  • Movies can be Downloaded or Stream In Member Area
  • Photos downloaded only one at a time

Hello Ladyboy may not have a huge collection of videos like some other Asian sites you see on the Internet but what it does offer is a very unique experience.  The site as I mentioned above really gives you that feeling that you are visiting Bangkok and are getting involved in some ladyboy action.  When you meet ladyboys it is not all about sex for many.  Many tourists or people that live there enjoy spending time with them, going to the beach, the movies or in some cases they become their girlfriend or even wife.  Then again there are those that just get involved with ladyboys surely based on sex and that is fine to.  This site offers both sides of that so if you have no interest in getting to know these cute models then just skip ahead to the hardcore.  I do suggest you watch the other videos.  These girls are so sweet and beautiful and every minute for me is a great experience.

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