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Everyone once in a while I like to share more of the ladyboys you can find on Thai Friendly. Seems every time I log on there are more sexy ladyboys from all over Thailand waiting to meet me inside. Yes the site does have girls from other countries but for the most part it is filled with hot Thai Ladyboys, Girls and even guys if that is your thing. Almost every ladyboy out there knows about Thai friendly and most of them are looking for a foreign man for fun in the bedroom or even more, many would love to have a foreign boyfriend to take care of.

Sexy Thai Ladyboys

If you are unfamiliar with Thai Friendly I do have a Thai Friendly review on the site so make sure to check it out. One thing I can tell you is even though the site is a dating site there is many escort ladyboys inside of Thai Friendly. Let me stress that Thai Friendly is not an escort site but you will have to figure out for yourself which ladyboy is an escort or not. Some guys are just looking for escorts while other guys are looking for more girlfriends. Though many escorts will also be your girlfriend if you so desire but the ones that are not escorts might need a little more work to get their attention.

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Some tips on figuring out if a Thai Friendly ladyboy is an escort would be does her post her phone number on her profile? Does she offer to meet you right away, is she sitting in a bar in her photos, is she dressed super sexy. All those examples can give you an idea on what to expect, so stop by the site it is free to join and if you want more abilities and features it is a small monthly charge.


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