how to recognize a ladyboy

How To Spot A Thai Ladyboy

how to recognize a ladyboy

How To Recognize A Ladyboy

I often get ask the question how do I know if it is a Ladyboy or a gender girl? As we know some of these Asian Tgirls are very beautiful and quite convincing. Even to my trained eye and senses I have the occasional one slip by my skills but for the most part I would say I can figure out if she is a Ladyboy about 98% of the time. There are a few tricks that you can use that might help you trying to determine if she is a Ladyboy or not. These skills are not perfect and do not always work but this post will give you a cool guide on how to figure out if the girl you are seeing in Asia at the Disco, Bar or even just on the street is actually a Ladyboy.

Points On Determining If She Is A Thai Ladyboy:

  1. Height – Since ladyboys were born genetically male it is obvious they are going to have some of the male traits and height is one of them.  Many ladyboys are taller than your typical Asian girl and with their love for very high heels they could be really tall.
  2. Traits –  Some ladyboys will have more male traits such as the Adam’s apple, bigger hands, bigger feet or a more prominent jaw. However with the use of hormones and operations this might not always be the case.  In Asia the ladyboys can start hormone treatments at very young ages and end up looking very convincing.
  3. How They Act – Ladyboys that work in the sex industry can be quite animated.  I like to say they almost act like superstar model cartoons. Their hand movements, their walk, how they talk and so forth are all exaggerated.  I can tell if a girl is a Ladyboy from looking at her walk.  If she walks like she is trying to strut down the runway then chances are she is a Ladyboy.  If she is flipping her hair constantly and always adjusting her body trying to look just right then chances are she is a Ladyboy.
  4. The Mirror – Ladyboys are often totally addicted to a mirror. If they walk by a mirror they can’t help but stop and check themselves out.  They usually always have a hand mirror with them and they will use it a lot.  Ladyboys are very obsessive with their looks and will constantly look in reflective devices to see how they look. Even a past Ladyboy girlfriend I had used to check out her looks in the reflective surfaces of my sunglasses whenever she got the chance.
  5. Aggresive – Sex industry Ladyboys are more aggressive than girls when on the hunt for a customer.  Once you establish eye contact with a Ladyboy she will make it clear quickly that she knows it and will start posing in sexy positions, calling your over, lifting her skirt, licking her lips, pretty much anything you can think of to get your attention.  Sometimes they will even shout out a little sound to get your attention such as Hey!  They usually are not very shy and to get your attention they are well known for being overly sexy.  Guys are visual and they know it and a few shakes of their butt might be the difference of not having a customer and having one.
  6. The Group – If a girl is in a group of friends and you suspect she might be a Ladyboy then look at her friends.  Often ladyboys will hang out with other ladyboys so if you see a handful of tall sexual aggressive ladyboys then guess what, good chance that the first girl you saw is a Ladyboy as well.
  7. The Voice – A guy that is not a fan of ladyboys will probably assume that all ladyboys have deep male voices and yes a few of them do which is a dead giveaway that she is a Ladyboy.  However, through the use of hormones at a young age and practice speaking with a girl voice a lot of these ladyboys will have very convincing voices so it is not a given.  I find a lot of ladyboys have a cross between a man and a girl voice sounds a lot like a cartoon character at time.
  8. Enhancements – When ladyboys do start getting operations they usually seem to like to go big. A lot of ladyboys will have huge breasts, ass, hips or a combination of all three.  Asian girls on average do not have large features like this and though some gender girls will also get enhancements, almost all ladyboys at some point will get under the knife for something.
  9. Obvious Point – If a Ladyboy has not got an SRS operation then she obviously going to have a special surprise in her panties.  Of course if it gets to this point and you still don’t know you could end up with some interesting scenarios.

Now these are just a few points that might help you figure out if it is a Ladyboy or not.  However, a girl can fall under these steps just as easy in many cases.  I would think if you found 3 or more of these points were right on par I would strongly suspect that the girl you are talking to is a Ladyboy. Sometimes spotting out a ladyboy will be totally obvious such as a 6 foot 2 girl with giant breasts and high heels strutting down the street and other times a cute little feminine babe walking in the mall might totally fool you.  I am sure there are more points and when I think of some more I will surely add them.

This post is centered more to the Thai ladyboys in the sex industry, the ones that are on the search for foreign customers.  Not all ladyboys are in the sex industry and many of them lead regular non red light district lives, have normal jobs and would not fit the mold of the post above.  Sure some of the points still apply but just take note that I am referring more to the ladyboys you see in the bars, Discos and on adult entertainment sites.