ladyboys am I gay?

I Love Tgirls and Ladyboys, Does That Mean I Am Gay?

ladyboys am I gay?

Here on Ladyboy Portal I often receive private messages or comments asking if they are gay for being attracted to tgirls and ladyboys. Before I begin to answer this question let me say that here at Ladyboy Portal we have no problem with people’s sexual preference as long as it is not hurting anyone or involves minors. We are fine with you being straight, bisexual, gay or whatever terms you might be using to describe yourself. Now let us continue and talk about the question of a person being gay for liking ladyboys.

First, let me state that I am not a doctor and my views here are just my opinions formed from years of being a transsexual fan and talking to others that also enjoy these special ladies. Not everything I say will be agreed upon and I welcome a healthy discussion in the comment section. I usually notice this “am I gay?” question more when people first realize they are attracted to transsexuals. Even I thought the same thing the first time I opened a link and saw a sexy girl but she had a penis and I was damn, why do I like this? I am gay? what is happening? Most of us in at least Western societies are taught at an early age (mostly from our peers) that as a male and  liking guys or a penis can associate you as being gay. I am sure you remember being teased or teasing someone in your youth when they took too long of a gaze in the guy’s locker room for example and being called gay or calling someone else gay.

Unfortunately, that is something that many of us grow up with and a sense of being gay is bad or negative is in the back of many of our minds. So it is no shock at all to me when you find yourself looking at a girl with a cock that your mind starts to fight your desires. You become scared, what will other people think of me? I like gender girls at first, now I like girls with cocks, is my next step a masculine man? So it does not surprise me to see this question almost on a weekly basis. The world is becoming more open to bisexuals and gay people but I still think it has a long way to go for total acceptance.

I will admit there is no easy answer to this question and there seems to be several different points of view that I will discuss below. Once, again I am not trying to put anyone into a particular role here. This is just what I have noticed from fans, tgirl models and non-fans throughout the years both written and spoken.

Ladyboy/Tgirl Fan Point of View:

From what I have seen in the past most Ladyboy fans usually put themselves in the category of straight. They see ladyboys as women and are attracted to them because they act and look just like women. Sure they have cocks but for the most part they are incredibly feminine and as we know most Tgirls consider themselves to be 100% woman but just been put in the wrong body which here at Ladyboy Portal we totally agree that ladyboys are 100% girls. Fans also like to point out that most gay men have no interest at all in tgirls, they are more interested in the masculine side of things which is why you hardly ever see a gay man getting excited about tgirl porn or seeking a tgirlfriend.

Non Ladyboy/Tgirl Fan Point of View:

From my little story above about how we grow up in a society that associates a male liking a penis (besides his own) with being gay you are going to get some resistance on telling a non-fan that you are straight. Non fans will certainly focus on the cock and many will be closed minded or even scared to accept it. You ever wonder why there are so few male models in the ladyboy porn world. I can tell you there are lots of guys that would love to have sex with these girls on film but when it comes down to it most are just too scared to come out to their families, friends and even strangers. In fact that shows just how strong many of these tgirl pornstars are to come totally out and get on film.

I am not trying to be mean here but for the non-fan just hearing that you like a transsexual many will instantly just think of some masculine dude in a dress and you on all fours getting it from behind. Though tgirls are becoming more accepted as time goes on there is still a big stigma on it. If you came out to everyone there will be those that understand, there will be those that won’t understand but will eventually accept it and there will be those that will remove you from their life.

Then you have the population of fans that really get down to specifics. Saying you can like ladyboys and not be gay unless the tgirl tops you or if you give her oral sex. I think this is kind of silly and really see it as the person trying to get a grip on their attraction. It almost seems to come into stages. Even my personal journey started out with the question of am I gay? but these days I just accept it and do not put it in a category, I just like what I like. I enjoy girls and tgirls and they are both 100% girls to me but each offer something a little different.

To Sum Up:

This was not an easy post for me to write and really struggled to get my thoughts out. Personally, I think we are all bisexual and no one is 100% straight. Perhaps an attraction to ladyboys (especially if you do enjoy the penis aspect) means your bisexual meter is a little higher but it is not high enough to reach the level of masculine men, that is something I have thought about in the past.

I wish we lived in a society where everyone was accepting of gays, ladyboys, lesbians, straight and so forth but as the world stands right now that is not the case. All I can say is I would not dwell on it, your personal life is your own and you should be free to love girls, guys and tgirls and not have to feel bad about it. The “Am I Gay?” question I believe is asked so many times because people are concerned about what others will think, if we lived in a society where no one cared about other people’s sexual preference then this type of blog post would never have to be written.
I wanted to write about the Tgirl’s Point of View but to be honest I think it is best if perhaps some of them hopefully leave some comments. Personally, most fans only see tgirl fans from the porn world. Many fans have no idea that calling a tgirl to her face shemale or tranny is actually an insult. Those terms came from the adult industry years ago and even now many tgirls are hoping to remove those terms. Most tgirls see themselves as 100% woman which I also agree and they want to be treated like 100% woman, makes sense, so if you ever meet one best to treat them that way.

As for the “Am I Gay? question.  Well the answer really depends on who you are ask .  Some people will be on board with the notion that you love the feminine form and tgirls are 100% women.  While others with their upbringings and the views of the world will instantly call you gay.  There is no one answer to this question in today’s society but my thoughts are does it even matter?

My final thoughts – Love Everyone, it would be a much better world.