Ladyboy nancy

Jomtien Beach Ladyboy Hottie Nancy

Nancy is a very sexy Ladyboy out of Thailand.  I actually got to meet her once when she was working at some bars down in the Jomtien Beach area. You might already be familiar with the city of Pattaya that has a lot of ladyboys but Jomtien Beach area is just a few minutes from that city and it is just off the water.  Before the pandemic is was very popular with tourists that wanted to get away from the craziness of Pattaya.  Pattaya can get pretty intense with drinking, parties, bars and so forth.  Even when I was living down in Pattaya I would often head down to Jomtien Beach area just to take a break from Pattaya.  It still has a few bars but is more laid back and a lot more chill.

I met Nancy down there once night and she was a joy to get to know.  She had this big smile as you can see from these photos and she was a lot of fun in the bar.  She loves to tease, she loves to have a drink with you and yes she does love to have a great time with you in the bedroom.  I did end up taking her to a local hotel after she showed a few photos of her naked on her phone.  She had a pretty hot body and a rock hard cock and yes she would love to use it but she made an excellent bottom as well.  She is up for anything in the bedroom and certainly you need to be on your game to keep up with her.  She might not have that super Anime cute look to her but she is attractive and built for hours of sex.  You often you hear the term starfish in Thailand when it comes to the sex scene.

Basically, that means you pick a certain girl or ladyboy you think is super hot but she turns out to be kind of a dud in the bedroom.  Just stares into space and does not really get your juices flowing.  Well Nancy is certainly not a starfish.  She loves sex and loves to make your feel amazing.  Besides when you are feeling rock hard that only benefits her own pleasure as you stick your cock deep into her tight ass.  She is a versatile beauty but I personally can’t comment on her topping skills but I have a feeling with that hard girl cock she would surely do just fine.

Ladyboy Nancy