Protect From Ladyboy Crime Tips

Ladyboy Crime – Tips To Protect Yourself

Protect From Ladyboy Crime TipsIf you happen to be visiting Thailand or already living there you will no doubt hear that many ladyboys are criminals and troublemakers from the television news or just people that are not into the Ladyboy scene. You will often see a foreign man on television at the police station complaining how a Ladyboy stole his wallet, gold necklace or things in his room. I often have had friends that do not like ladyboys tell me that they do not trust ladyboys and they are nothing but bad news. I will agree to some degree but I thought I would write this post to give you a more educated idea on how things work here in Thailand.

First, let me say that not all ladyboys are criminals in fact most of them are not. It is a small minority that get involved in crime but that goes with anyone including guys and gender girls. Ladyboys make good television and the news people in Thailand love to make a story about how a foreign man got swindled by a Ladyboy and to be honest when I see the stories they are always quite amusing. Scenarios like the foreigner had no idea she was a Ladyboy, or he was really drunk and she hugged me and took my wallet or perhaps he took her to the hotel and he got drugged and she robbed him blind. Do these things really happen in Thailand? They sure do and it is not just ladyboys it is guys and girls that also take part in crime. Thailand has quite a lot of crime, though the country is not officially 3rd world anymore there is still a lot of poverty and a lot of crime takes place and not just from the Thai people, there are many foreigners that come to Thailand for criminal motives so you have to always be on guard.

So to help protect yourself I decided to give you some tips when you are staying in Thailand. These tips will help you stay out of trouble and have a more pleasant stay in Thailand. I am sure no one wants to add going to the police station as a highlight to any trip or worse the hospital.

1. Ladyboy Working Location – If the Ladyboy is employed by a bar the chances are better she will not steal from you. The reason being is you know where she works, you can obviously go back to the bar and complain, get the authorities involved, talk to her friends and perhaps even get her fired. The payoff would have to be quite great for her to deal with all of that and most of the bar owners want ladyboys that bring the customers back and not scare them away for good. So the other side of the coin is ladyboys that do not work in the bar might be more prone to theft. If you pick up a Ladyboy that is working at the beach then she has no boss, no bar, and no employment. She is completely freelance and after she steals from you she can easily disappear and move to another location for a while.

2. Late Hours – In Thailand many foreigners love to party and stay out quite late. At this time if a freelance Ladyboy has not had any customers she might be a little more desperate to make some extra cash. A confused or drunk foreigner walking toward her might be an easy mark to perhaps lift a few dollars from his pockets or even more.

3. Being Drunk – Obviously, if you are totally wasted and alone stumbling around the streets you will make an easy target for Ladyboy theft. They usually approach you in groups. The lead Ladyboy will usually try to fondle you and kiss you like she really likes you while the other ones might be going through your pockets from behind. I often call these Ladyboy traps and you will see them along the beach and at the end of the sex district areas. Always be aware of where your valuables are and where their hands are going, they are quick and when you are very drunk you senses are certainly not as sharp. It is always better to be in a group if possible for some number protection but if you can’t try to keep to the main areas and protect your stuff.

4. Location Common Sense – I often see foreigners who got robbed by a Ladyboy on the news and the first thing they say is there were walking late at night on the beach or down a dark alley for example. Roaming around by yourself late at night in areas where there is not a lot of people is certainly going to make you a target for crime.

5. Taking A Ladyboy To A Short Time Room – If you take a Ladyboy to a room for some sexual fun then more often than not you are required to shower before you start the sexual deeds. If you take off your pants and leave them in the room while you shower then guess what you just might lose your stuff. When you go into another room make sure to bring your belongings with you. If the Ladyboy feels insulted by that, which rarely happens by the way just say we just met or you have to send your friend a message on your phone which is in your pants.

6. Taking A Ladyboy To Your Hotel Or Condo – Many hotels and condos will ask for the Ladyboy to give them her ID card at the desk. This helps if there is trouble but do not rely on it as many of the ID cards could be fake and hotel video cameras are often not working in Thailand. If you are planning on going out to find a Ladyboy to bring home then safe proof your room. Hide your valuables out of sight so she has nothing to steal and when she is in your room make sure to follow the same conditions as step 5. Keep your pants and valuables with you and you should be fine. Another big point to make is if you decide to have a drink with the Ladyboy in your room. If you open your drink always bring it with you and never leave your drink alone with the Ladyboy. She can easily slip something into a drink and before you know it you will be knocked out and she will be stealing everything you own.

7. Going To Their Room – In some cases the Ladyboy might offer to take you to her room. This could be on the dangerous action as well. If you are not familiar with the area she could take you to an area to get robbed or have people waiting for you when you enter the room. Though I have not seen this happen a lot it is wiser to either rent a short time room or take her back to your place, then you will be on safer ground. For instance my first trip to Thailand I agreed to go to a ladyboy’s room and she took me like 25 minutes out of Bangkok to this run down old apartment. I thought I was going to get murdered but lucky for me she was a sweetheart and nothing happened, but this could have been a big mistake on my end.

8. Do Not Draw Attention – I know you are on vacation and want to have fun but if you are whipping out big wads of cash from your pocket in plain site or have gold jewelry all over your body then you might gain some extra interest from criminals and not just ladyboys.  A common crime in Thailand that you often hear about is necklace snatches usually from one or two Thai people on a motorbike that zoom up to you on their motorbike and rip off your necklace, purse or anything that they can grab.

Now I have talked about these steps above in regards to ladyboys but they should be followed with guys and gender girls as well that you are looking to play with. Also, just because someone did not steal from you the first time doesn’t mean she will not steal from you the next time. You got to remember that a lot of these girls are very poor and even though stealing might not be in their nature if they see a huge amount of money, gold necklace, iPhone or anything else of value it might be just a temptation they can’t resist.

I do want to stress that most of the ladyboys are not going to rob you. Most are very nice and friendly and the few that do steal have put a stain on the Ladyboy image in Thailand. There are many sweet working ladyboys that would never steal, perform charity work, will show you a great time in Thailand. You just got to use common sense in Thailand, just because you are on vacation and in a mood for fun does not mean everyone around you is in the same boat, there are always people that will exploit you so be careful. I often go on the notion that if you are searching for trouble you will find it in Thailand. However, if you are good-natured, friendly and using common sense then for the most part you will have a great time.

There have been some really funny stories that I have heard on the news lately, thought I share a couple to show you the stupidity of some foreigners when they are on vacation. One guy ran out of money at the bar so the girl took him to the ATM machine, he was not familiar on how to use the machine in Thailand so he gave the working girl his PIN ATM code and she took out the money for him. Later on he noticed that she had stolen his ATM card and taken out lots of money from his account. I do not know about you but no one knows my ATM PIN number and I would certainly not give it out to anyone besides perhaps my parents or best friend I have had for 30 years. How silly to give your PIN code to a complete stranger you just met at the bar.

Another popular scam in Thailand is a girl will offer to take you back to her room for a massage and maybe some naughty play. You take off your close and put them on the floor while you get your massage. Underneath the bed is another person hiding and they go through your pockets and steal your stuff while you are enjoying a massage above. See how sneaky things can get, always be on your guard. Finally, you almost always hear of a drunk foreign guy roaming around the beach or in secluded areas on the news each week and how he was robbed by someone. Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean bad things are going to happen to you, beware, and know your surroundings and your trip will great.