Ladyboy Girlfriends Nadia and Creamy

Nadia and Creamy are two very close ladyboy friends and they do everything together, sometimes that actually means sex.  Often people that are new to Thai Ladyboys think they are super sweet and innocent and yes that can be true.  However, there is another side to them and they love sex.  It is really easy to get a threesome or even more in the Land of Smiles and it is not a surprise at all for ladyboys to have sex with each other.  They often share rooms together as well so when one gets horny there could be some naughty play.  Not saying all ladyboys love other ladyboys but certainly there is a big number of them that do.  That is why if you are visiting and want to try a group session I would bring it up. I would bring it up early though and not after you been dating a ladyboy for a while.

Why you may ask would I bring it up quickly?  Well, if you are dating one or seeing one on a regular basis they do get attached.  Introducing another ladyboy in the mix farther down the road can be see as you are losing interest in her and ladyboys love to hold on to a good thing by having a foreign boyfriend.  Once again I am not saying all ladyboys do this but certainly a lot of them do so you could meet a couple ladyboys like Nadia and Creamy and find yourself in a whole world of sexy fun.

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