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Ladyboy Hunting Guide In Bangkok Part 1

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I have many readers of the Ladyboy Portal that are both seasoned ladyboy hunters and the newbie that is just getting into the scene. I decided to write this little guide for the newbies that are making there way to Bangkok in the search for Ladyboy Sex. This guide is really for those that are planning on hitting the bars, Go-Gos, escort scene and the like. If you are looking for a more stable one on one ladyboy relationship then check out some of my other posts discussing that. I will break this down in to a question and answers format and anyone that wants to ask even more questions please feel free to do so in the comments.

What should I expect when I enter a Ladyboy Go Go Bar?

For the most part when you enter a ladyboy Go Go Bar you are going to see several ladyboys dancing on stage. If it is a true Go Go Bar then most of the time the ladyboys are dressed in Bikinis usually with a number strapped on their top, more on that in a moment. When you first enter a ladyboy bar you are going to get a huge number of eyes focused on you and many are trying to get your attention. You are considered fresh meat in a sense and many ladyboys want that next customer. The more aggressive ladyboy bars you might have several approach you and ask you for a drink, touching you, or posing for you in sexy positions to get your attention. Yes, for the newbie it can be overwhelming and many newbies can often freak out and leave the establishment or often pick one of the more aggressive girls from the start which isn’t always the best idea for you. The seasoned ladyboy hunter will just ignore everyone and go to his seat, order a drink and then view the whole bar on which girl he would like to call down to have a drink with.

Though you are not required to buy a ladyboy a drink when you call them down it is usually standard practice. There is often staff roaming around the bar that will not only get your drink but also call down the ladyboy you are interested in. So how do you call the ladyboy down you are interested in? Well that is pretty easy, you can either wait until you catch her gaze and just signal her over with a hand gesture or you can talk to the staff and ask them to get her for you. This is where the numbers on the ladyboy can come in handy, you can tell the staff I like to see number 44 for instance and she will go get her. When the ladyboy sits down for the most part she will be friendly and perhaps ask you for a drink, if you do not get her a drink, well some can be insulted and see you as a cheap Charlie which might make the conversation and possible hookup for sexy fun difficult.

The main goal of most of the ladyboys is to get you to buy a couple of drinks with her and eventually convince you to take her out of the bar for some naughty fun. Some ladyboys will be very aggressive and ask you to take them right away while others will be more tactical and get you to feel comfortable and then make the move to get you to take her out of the bar and have some fun. Some ladyboys will be good at speaking English and even other languages such as Korean, Russian, Chinese etc. Basically, they pick up languages from the clients, it might not be perfect but at least you can somewhat communicate. The ladyboys that are new to the scene might not have the skills to speak English but you can still have a lot of fun with them, even trying to communicate can often be fun, but one communication they all understand is the language of love, well at least the language of sex.

Some Quick Tips

1. If you can bring a buddy that will help the anxiety if you are a first timer, strength in numbers but even if you go solo do not give up, if you have a bad experience in one bar just head to the next as it could be the greatest time of your life.

2. If you need a break from the environment then hit the bathroom for a few minutes, it will help you focus and get all those eyes off of you for a few minutes, though sometimes there are ladyboys in the bathroom too!

3. If the ladyboy you are talking to is not your type then tell her thank you for the drink but I would like to talk to this ladyboy or I have to go now. It can be hard telling a ladyboy you are not interested as you might feel some guilt like you are rejecting her. I can tell you the ladyboy would rather know as soon as possible that you are not interested so she can move on to another customer. Yes, this does sound a bit cold but to be honest the sex industry is a job and these girls do have to pay the bills. Sure they want to have a great time with you but they also do not want to waste time with someone that has no interest in taking them. Some ladyboys will turn there head and walk off like they have been insulted while others will even help you find another you do like. There reactions are often different but even the ones that walked off mad will still probably go with you the next night if you asked, unless of course you were a complete jerk.

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How do you take the ladyboy you are interested in?

Basically, tell that ladyboy that you would like to bar fine her. Bar Fine is the a term that all the ladyboys will understand. Basically, all the ladyboys are working in the GO GO, so if you want to take them out of the bar then you have to pay a fee to the actually bar. This is just the money you have to pay the bar to release her from the establishment. This does not actually include the ladyboy and her services so make sure you remember that. Most ladyboys will ask you if you would like Short Time Fun or Long Time Fun. Short time is usually 1 to 2 hours with her and long time could be 2 hours to all night depending on plans. Of course the longer you take one the higher the price and even the popularity of the ladyboy herself could alter the price.

Some Quick Tips:

1. Work out the price with her in the bar so there will be no surprises later. You do not want to take her back to your hotel and have fun with her and then have her hit you with some outrageous price when it is time to pay up.

2. Most ladyboys will do whatever you want them to do when it comes to the bedroom. Usually, if you ask a ladyboy do you like to do this in the bedroom you will get the Up To You response or perhaps the whatever you like I like. It is not a bad idea to probe into what she is willing to do so you have the experience you want before you pay the bar fine. For the more bold ladyboy hunters they will just straight up ask them such as how big are you? Will you do this? Will you do that? that way they know exactly what they are getting for their money.

3. There is no room for negotiation usually for the actually bar fine, that fee is usually a set price. However, for the ladyboy herself you might be able to refuse the first price and see if you can get a better deal. Usually the short time prices at GO GO bars are often a set price as well, but long term prices might be more flexible. Personally, think its better to politely negotiate and not say things like Hell No! when she offers a price, but that is just me.

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Where do you go now that you have your ladyboy beauty for sexual fun?

Well a few answers to that questions which include:

1. Your Hotel – Most guys that are ladyboy hunting are probably on vacation. Most hotels around the entertainment district will allow you to take a ladyboy to your room, most will take the ladyboys ID card at the front desk in case something happens. If you are outside of the sex district area or are just completely unsure it would be wise to find out beforehand on the policy. Though Go Go girls are usually pretty well behaved since they work at the same bar and you can easily track them down it is still advisable before you go out on the town to lock up your valuables. Also, if you are drinking with the ladyboy it is also wise to keep an eye on your drink. It is usually the freelance girls you got to be more careful with as you have no idea how to find them again if something bad happen.

2. Short Time Room – Short Time Rooms can sometimes be connected to the bar itself or usually close by the bar you took the ladyboy from. It is a no thrills room that usually has a bed, shower and perhaps a Television. The whole purpose of the room is a cheap alternative to get in, have some sexual fun and get out. Also, not a bad method if you rather not take the ladyboy back to your hotel, not everyone is comfortable enough to bring their escort back to their room, but honestly any hotels close to the area have seen it all before.

3. Her Room – This option I would have to say you should be careful. You should know the ladyboy quite well and have some sense of trust before you agree to head to her pad. Especially to the newbie that has no idea how to navigate Bangkok very well. From experience my first time in Bangkok I agreed to this and ended up driving 30 minutes in a taxi to the middle of no where to a run down old apartment building whitch was nerve racking culture shock at the time, fortunately nothing bad happened but if something did I might have been over my head. Also, though you might think that these lovely ladyboys are all high end escorts with lots of cash they actually are not. Most (not all) ladyboys are quite poor and their rooms will show it, it all depends on how comfortable you are. Finally, you are giving them more control of the experience, something you might not want especially for the rookie hunter.

4. Your Room – You might be one of the lucky ones that actually lives in Thailand, perhaps renting or evening owning a condo or a home. Totally up to you if you want to bring a ladyboy back to your place. Once again I would advise taking only thoes ladyboys that you trust or have been with before. Just remember if you ever have a bad experience she will know where you live which is something that I would rather avoid.

Do not let the negative comments scare you away. I only mention them because it is possible to happen for those ladyboys that are looking to take advantage of an opportunity. If you leave a 5000 dollar watch on the table by your bed and you pass out. Well a ladyboy that does not have much money might take advantage of it. So best to just prepare yourself and have fun. Most ladyboys are sweet, fun and looking to show you a great time, but there are always some bad seeds.

This ends part one of Ladyboy Hunting Guide but come back soon for more!

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