Ladyboy Lesbians

Ladyboy Lesbians Nancy with Eye

Nancy is back and this time she is bringing her friend Eye over to her place for some hot Lesbian Ladyboy Love.  Nancy is the one with the longer hair and it seems she is really becoming quite popular and really enjoys being the top with other Asian Thai Tgirls.  I actually met Nancy once online while in Thailand and when she sent me photos of her ass up against the wall I was sold and met her the same night.  She was a blast in the bedroom and though I am not a bottom I could tell she would be totally down for that kind of action.  The full video when Eye cums, Nancy actually licks up the cum off her stomach which is pretty hot.  You can tell that Nancy is a special kind of ladyboy as she just loves getting naughty and Eye is pretty sweet as well and a total beauty.

If you are wondering if these two would do a threesome I can pretty much say a 100% yes they would.  A lot of tourists are quite nervous in sharing their fantasies with the working ladyboys but I can tell you they have heard it all before.  To really get your full tourist ladyboy experience just tell the ladyboy that you are interested in exactly what you want as they almost always will say yes and that would make your experience so much hotter.  When you get used to talking to them you often hear the ladyboy say in Thai “Up To You”.  Meaning they want you to decide what you want but sometimes I do ask them what they like as I enjoy pleasing them just as much.

Ladyboy Lesbians Nancy and Eye