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Ladyboy Lesbians Wikky with Focus

There was a time in my life when I was in Thailand that I honestly thought that ladyboys were only interested in guys and not each other.  That is certainly not the case of the years I have been in the country.  A lot of ladyboys and I am not saying all often live together and often have fun with each other.  We are also seeing a lot more of it these days as many of the Ladyboys are starting to open up their own sites and you can see them having sexy fun with each other.  Sure some of it is staged and just for the scene but I am 100% sure their is some hot lesbian ladyboy action going on behind closed doors more than you think.  Great thing about this is you could end up joining them, they still want your hard cock and that is a fact.

Focus and Wikky are two lovely Pattaya Ladyboys and they to have been great friends for years and yes sometimes after a drink or two the true feelings come out and they find each other in their panties.  It is great to see the team over on Asian Tgirl starting to include more Lesbian ladyboy scenes.  Sure we have them once in a while on the site but this last year there have been a lot more scenes of these hot girls getting it on with each other.  Focus is the long red hair cutie and Wikky is the blonde in case you were wondering.  It is funny when you meet them you think these ladyboys can be so sweet and innocent but when it comes to sex they always, well almost always bust out and get freaky.

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