Ladyboy Benz Beauty

Ladyboy Of The Month Feb 2015

My next beauty of the month has got to be the lovely Ladyboy Benz from Bangkok. I have heard she works either at Charades or Obsessions Ladyboy bar so if anyone is in the area and wants to update me I would love to hear it. When I saw this sexy creature I could not help but fall for her. A pair of legs that flow forever attached to a very sexy body and what a face. Of course the school outfit is sure to help me out in my decision to like her, sure hope I can get her in that exact same outfit my next trip into Bangkok.

Once again this will be a soft-core set but if you want to the see the hardcore set you are welcome to follow any of the links in the photos to Ladyboy Gold and see for yourself. Her contact information for this sexy ladyboy is in this site as well for those that want to beat me to the punch for meeting her. What is with a ladyboy or girl in a school outfit anyway? What makes them look so much hotter when they are wearing them? Perhaps it is that sense of innocence combined by the desire to be naughty as well that gets us guys going, in any case it works and I am more than happy to call her the Ladyboy of the Month, a new feature I think I will start today!

ladyboy Benz model Month