Bangkok Ladyboy Mei

Ladyboy Tourist Sexpat Do You Need A List?

Every year at least before the pandemic horny guys from all over the world ventured to Thailand to meet up with sexy ladyboys just like Mei you see here from Bangkok.  She is a beauty in her white bikini and if you never been to Thailand she is sure to want to go on your list on ladyboys to meet.  However, do you really need a list of the models you want to meet?  I did the first time I came to Thailand.  I had a list of about 10 models that I wanted to meet and was very excited in trying to find them.  The very first night I found number 3 on my list at a popular bar at Nana Plaza and found myself upstairs with her and my addiction for ladyboys really came into effect that night.  That was the first and I still had nine on my list to go. That is until I started to see all the ladyboys that Bangkok and Pattaya and other popular cities for tourists had.

Sure ladyboys like Mei are amazing and there is no harm at all in picking some favorites from the adult sites and having some fun.  Here is the situation you should be aware of if you are a first timer when it comes to ladyboys in Thailand.  The ladyboys you see on the adult sites are only the tip of the iceberg on what is available to you.  When this darn pandemic is under control and we can start traveling more freely you are going to be jaw dropping shocked at the amount of ladyboys in Thailand and the beauty they have.  You will quickly forget your list when you start to explore the nightlife.  I would say the first two days I was following my list and got number 3 and number 6 in my top ten.  After that I just trashed the list and started to enjoy what the country has to offer.  Mind you if one on my list suddenly appeared then yes I would probably be more interested but there were so many that were not on the list that are just as hot or hotter it was not needed.

Of course having a list does has it’s usefulness.  For instance if you can get the contact information of the ladyboy beforehand or if you are looking for a particular style of ladyboy such as a big surprise in her panties at least the adult sites can help you out with that.  I mean if I saw Mei before going to Thailand I would certainly have her on my list.  She is a doll and she is backing some big meat in her panties as well.  If you like to see more of her in more of a x-rated version head on over to Mei’s Profile on TS Models Tube.

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