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Lesbian Ladyboys Noon and Ticha

Noon is one of the most popular ladyboys out there right now and many guys have contacted me asking where do you find this slender red headed hottie.  Well I can’t tell you that but if you happen to find her make sure to ask her to bring Ticha along for the ride.  In fact I do not remember ever seeing Noon do a sex scene with another ladyboy, so this is a great bonus.  Noon has shot several videos over the years and at least right now it does not ring a bell that she has opened that tight little ass for another ladyboy cock.  Well Ticha is up for the challenge and can’t wait to be thrust her girl cock in and out of that sweet tiny booty.  Noon is usually found in Bangkok and Ticha Pattaya but the cities really are not all that far apart.  Not sure if they are friends in real life or not but they are certainly going to be much closer after this hot hardcore.

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