Ladyboy candy

Long Legs Sexy Ladyboy Candy

Candy is a long legs Ladyboy beauty that recently moved to Bangkok.  She is the perfect example of a sexy Asian Tgirl that makes her way to the big city in hopes of finding guys that are fans of ladyboys.  There is no doubt that Bangkok, Pattaya and perhaps Phuket are the biggest areas of ladyboy that are looking for foreign men. Sure there are ladyboys in every province but those are the big three.  I have always said that Bangkok has the hottest but they are also a bit on business side of things.  Pattaya, on the other hand has the more fun ones, the wilder ones and Phuket is more of the laid back beach beauties.  Do not get me wrong there are all types of ladyboys in every province but just saying the majority I have seen in those three areas usually follow those characteristics.

Candy now has two hot videos over on Franks.  I love them both but kind of like the first one better because I love her tiny little shorts she wears which shows off her long legs.  The sexy lingerie one in this scene is a close second for being hot though.  I mean look at this beauty, it is amazing to me sometimes that ladyboy can even look as hot as this.  A saying in Thailand you often hear is if they are too hot to be true, chances are they are a ladyboy.  Ladyboys know how men’s mind work and what we want to see so they dress, act and get wild just the way we love it.  Sure there are gender girls that are also in the business that can do the same but ladyboys are top of the ladder for seducing men.

Ladyboy Candy