Ladyboy Maysprite

MaySprite Hung Bangkok Ladyboy

Maysprite is a sexy Bangkok Ladyboy that recently turned 28 years old and is also recently single.  She decided it was time to do some shoot for some sites and Asian Tgirl now has two hot scenes of her including this one where she has a Cumshot in the video of this beautiful ladyboy.  Maysprite is a very friendly girl and loves to have fun and tease people she likes.  If you find she is giving you those cute smiles and tapping you in the gut or the butt then take notice because she wants much more than just playing around outside, she wants to go back to your place and have some hot fun.  What a surprise you are going to get as she has an impressive big cock and a perfect ass to go along with those juicy boobs.

I love the sexy lingerie and of course a couple tattoos.  You do not see tattoos as much as you would see in a city like Pattaya.  Pattaya is the party city and seems tattoos are a lot more common there but every year you see more tattoos in Bangkok.  I remember a time where I was shocked to see a ladyboy with a tattoo and now I am almost shocked to see one without.  I actually prefer the girls and ladyboys to not have them, something about them being brand new in a sense to me, usually when they have tattoos they been around in the industry for a while.  Not everyone of course and it is not like I would turn down MaySprite, she is hot and needs to be in my hotel room.

Maysprite Ladyboy