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Ladyboy Portal – Thailand Bar Reviews | Dating | Girlfriends | October 20, 2020

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Passable Ladyboys

Passable Ladyboys

It is not very often I get blown away by the beauty or cuteness of a ladyboy. Do not get me wrong I love all sorts of different ladyboys but once in a while a ladyboy pops up that makes me go WOW now that is a passable ladyboy. When I first saw nineteen year old Ladyboy Lorla I was stunned on how cute she is. Now as I have stated many times before this is not a porn site this is a information site but once in a while I like to show you what some of the adult sites have to offer but I only use her G Rated photos. If you want to see more of her in action then see her Ladyboy Lorla video and I am sure you will enjoy it.

ladyboy lorla

Lorla is one of those few ladyboys that might actually trick me if I saw her walking by. What I mean by that is she has that look like she might just be a regular girl and not a ladyboy at all; I do love those types of ladyboys. She is extremely passable at least by her looks, would have to see how she acts in the real world to get a better understanding. What is amazing is you can come to Thailand and meet girls just like this, in fact you can probably meet her as well as I know her contact info is inside the site Ladyboy Gold. What a wonderful beauty and the cute shots with her feet out, she really is something else and I thought deserved a post of her own. One this is for certain I have a feeling she will some lucky foreigners girlfriend soon.

ladyboy lorla site

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