Ladyboy Nanny hardcore sex

Pattaya Ladyboy Nanny Tops Guy

Nanny is a sexy Pattaya Ladyboy that loves to have fun in the bedroom.  She is appearing in her third video on Asian Tgirl and this is her first hardcore.  She actually does the topping in this one which is something you do not see to often when it comes to the Thai Ladyboys online.  The reason for this is not because ladyboys do not like to top.  It is because in Thailand shooting adult content is somewhat more risky in the country as technically you are not allowed to shoot the content.  So you do not have a lot of foreign men that will go on film and shoot the content but there are a few that just cannot resist.  I often here from new fans that they are scared to meet a ladyboy because they do not want to be topped.  That is not how it works in the adult red district area of Thailand.  Ladyboys in the escort industry and so forth will top you only if you want.  You are the customer in these situations and what you are looking for goes.  You will often here the response from anyone in the red district areas “Up To You” which basically means they will do what you like.  That goes for Gender Girls and guys as well, not just ladyboys.

Personally, that can be somewhat of a problem for me as I actually love to know what turns on the ladyboy.  So I often have to ask them several times what they actually like and it is hard for them to break out of the Up to You Saying.  Some ladyboys love to top and some ladyboys do it because it is a business for them and might not really be down for it.  It is rare to find a ladyboy that only bottoms but it does happen.  Nanny however, she is known for her topping skills and though she does not have the biggest cock out there she knows how to use it and loves to pound a hot ass.

Ladyboy Nanny