Ladyboy Emmy

Pattaya Ladyboy Stunner Emmy

Meet the lovely Emmy from Pattaya, Thailand in her second scene over on Ladyboy Ladyboy. She is a beauty with her fit and slender body and that smile is going to light up the room when you see her. I have always said in my posts that there is often quite a big difference between the ladyboys in Pattaya and Bangkok. Bangkok I find a lot of the ladyboys are generally more stunning and a bit more business like when dealing with them. The Pattaya ladyboys though also stunning are usually a bit more wild looking like Emmy here and to be honest are probably more fun in the bedroom.

Of course there are always exceptions to the rules. Surely, you can find a stunner in Pattaya of Bangkok Status or a Bangkok Ladyboy that is also wild in the bedroom. I am just generally saying there is an overall difference between the two cities. Emmy looks like she would suit Pattaya very well with the outfits, the tattoos and just her fun nature. She is loving being on camera and like many ladyboys wishes you would visit her city as soon as possible. Something these days is very difficult for many of us including myself. Hopefully, when this pandemic is finally over we can get back to Pattaya and she will be waiting for you with a beer in her hand to give to you, some fun chat and dancing, followed by a night at your hotel.

ladyboy emmy