Ladyboy Lily

Pattaya Sweet Ladyboy Lily

Lily is back and this sexy Pattaya Ladyboy is becoming a fan favorite on here and on Asian Tgirl where she just made her second video.  She is totally adorable but she is also very horny so do not let that sweet smile fool you.  She loves to have fun, she loves to tease but the main goal she always has is to get you into bed.  As always she is my favorite type of look with the natural body and that smile is so amazing.  I love the little pointy teeth on the side, she looks like a sexy vampire girl and she wants to suck all your blood, well I think she rather suck all the cum out of your cock.  The video for this scene on Asian Tgirl she does do a hot cumshot and she would love to have you suck her off as well but she knows not every guy wants to do that.  She does have the most perfect little Thai Booty as well that you could fill her up with.

Ladyboy Portal also has another set of Ladyboy Lily so make sure you check that out as well.   For her slender and small frame she actually has a rather impressive cock that loves to flop out of her panties.  She is not shy at all about it like some of the Asian Tgirls.  She loves it and she loves when you pay attention to it but do not worry she will return the favor in spades.  Would you love to spend a night with her or would you rather have her as your girlfriend.  She would love that, imagine always getting to wake up to that big smile and that hung cock pressed up against you.  Morning sex, she is always down for it, daytime sex she is good there to and yes of course nighttime sex before you sleep.

Ladyboy Lily Thailand