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So You Want A Ladyboy Girlfriend Part 1

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The Sex Industry Ladyboy Girlfriend

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Interested in a Thailand Ladyboy Girlfriend?  Well here is some information from my personal experiences and from people that I know that might help you out.  I often get asked how do I get a Ladyboy Girlfriend? Can she come live with me?  Do I have to move to Thailand?  Can I do a long distance relationship with her and visit her?  All good questions and some of them will be answered in part one.

Most of us have become familiar with the Asian Ladyboy from Adult Porn Sites.  Beautiful and very sexy ladyboys with a special surprise that make many of us drool all over the computer screen.  Many believe that these girls are loaded with cash and are making big Pornstar money and living in some fancy condo and are the object of many men’s desires.  Well the fact of the matter that is not true at all.  Thailand is a rather poor Country, not 3rd world status anymore but much of its people are quite poor.  Ladyboys though accepted socially more than tgirls in the Western world do not have a lot of advantages.  A Ladyboy usually can’t land a high paying job and they are limited to working receptions, stores, and other small blue collar jobs.

A typical low end job would only pay about 200 to 300 Baht a day or about 6 to 10 dollar American dollars a day and those shifts are usually about 12 hours in length.  Now a lot of ladyboys accept that and live their lives in those types of jobs.  The ladyboys you see online on adult sites is a totally different story.  Most of those ladyboys are attracted to the sex industry of Thailand where foreigners from all over the world come to Thailand to have naughty fun with Ladyboys, Girls and Men depending on their sexual preference.

Ladyboys in the sex industry can work at normal beer bars ,Go-Go bars, Freelancing or a combination of any just mentioned and spend most of their time dancing, getting the foreigners to buy those drinks and of course sleeping with them for money.  Why do they do this?  Well there are several reasons, since most ladyboys are poor and lack a strong education they can work at these places and make a lot more money.  A Ladyboy could make up to 100 000 Baht a month if she was very popular and it isn’t all work.  They get to have fun, drink, dress up, hang out with their friends and  enjoy going places with foreigners that take them for longer periods of time outside of the bar.

This does not mean you can’t have one of these sexy ladyboys as your girlfriend.  Most of them will gladly leave their bar if a foreign man wants to take care of them.  They usually don’t care if you are ugly, fat, old or have any other qualities that may seem negative.  It is almost a status symbol to get a foreign boyfriend and many ladyboys are always on the hunt for a foreign man as a boyfriend.  So yes you can have one of these beauties and yes they will have sex with you, take care of you, hang out with you and have fun with you.

It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?  Well there are some catches you have to be aware of and I will explain some of them right now.

1. Money – You are taking the ladyboy out of her place of employment so she will expect you will compensate her somehow.  Some ladyboys will ask for money each month so they can live their life and also send some money back to their parents which is normal behavior for the Thai people to support their parents when they get older.  How much do you have to give them?  Well that is a tough one to answer, some ladyboys are quite happy with just a little money and having a place to stay with you.  Some might be more demanding and want a bigger portion each month. The rare incident she will get a job outside of the sex industry and just be content living with you off her small salary.  There is no formula here and it really depends on the ladyboy and the relationship.  Some ladyboys will ask for almost nothing while others will take as much money as they can from you.

As Westerners we may feel uncomfortable giving someone money to be your girlfriend but you really have to look at how it works in Thailand.  She is not going to go out and become a doctor because those options are not available to her and the options that are might give her such a low salary she would be quite unhappy. I hate to say it but usually money and ladyboys will go hand in hand and for many foreigners it will end up destroying the relationship.

2. Culture Differences – Thailand is a totally different culture and you are going to have to learn that the Thai people believe in different things.  Religion, Sex, Family Life and more are all rather unique and if you bring your Western Values too much into the relationship you are sure to have some arguments.  The biggest complaint I often her is she does not understand me or the other way around he does not understand me and that is usually true, it takes a while to learn how things work in Thailand and you will probably never be an expert.

3. Language Barriers – Many Ladyboys do learn a lot of languages as they meet foreigners in the sex industry. Using English as example you would probably learn quite quickly that most of the ladyboys speak broken English and though you can easily understand them they might not always be able to understand you.  Your native language is going to have a huge vocabulary and only a small handful of ladyboys would be able to understand most of it.  Obviously you probably don’t know the Thai Language or have learned enough to get by, which is where issues can come up.  Sometimes you can say something that she might not understand which she might believe is an insult and arguments can arise.  I have often been caught saying one thing but the ladyboy thinks I meant another.

It is understandable and you just got to know what you are getting into on that front.  Do not expect to sit down with your ladyboy girlfriend and discuss the political power struggles between Russia and America or your understanding on the rise and fall of the stock market, for the most part most ladyboys will have no idea what you are talking about.

4. Jealousy – Jealousy on both sides of the relationship are quite common and can cause a lot of problems in a bar ladyboy relationship.  The guy  can be jealous due to the fact the ladyboy has come from the bar and has been with a lot of foreign men in the past.  He can be worried that perhaps the ladyboy when not with him is off looking for new men that have bigger pockets, that look better, that pay her on the side for some sexual fun.  The ladyboy on the other hand knows there is a huge number of ladyboys that are all looking for a foreign boyfriend.  These ladyboys usually don’t care if you have a girlfriend and will sleep with you and gladly take her place. There is a lot of temptation in Thailand for both parties and this really can put a lot of strain on many ladyboy relationships.

5. Loss of Independence – This one was a big one for me personally.  When you take a ladyboy out of the bar and support her she is with you 100% of the day.  Is that a terrible thing? Well for some people it can be.  In Western cultures your girlfriend might have a job, friends and her own life outside of the relationship.  When you take a ladyboy out of a bar and have her live you then she is with you all of the time and many of them turn to jealousy when you want to spend time away from them.  They wonder why does he want to go out with his friends without me, maybe he look for a new ladyboy.

These are just a few things you can expect when you decide to date or get into a relationship with a Ladyboy that works in the sexy industry.  I am in no way trying to scare you but you got to get your mind out of your pants and really see what you are getting yourself into.  Many foreign guys have great success with ladyboys that work in the industry while others are having a hard time.  This is also not how all relationships work in Thailand.  Many guys have secret ladyboy girlfriends, or have multiple girlfriends you just got to be careful if you get caught.  Some will have ladyboy girlfriend that will even still work in the bar, if you don’t mind having your ladyboy sleep with other men it can be an option!

The best thing I have seen is just be upfront with them.  If you just want a ladyboy to fool around with tell them and stick to your guns.  Once you give them any idea that you want them as a full time girlfriend well a whole new chapter begins.

Now this post was mostly just about the sex industry ladyboys but I will go into more types of relationships later.

Now Part 2 of You Want A Ladyboy Girlfriend where I will talk about Truth of the Long Distance relationship!