where to find thai ladyboys

Where To Find Those Sexy Ladyboys?

Thai Friendly is still the best place to fine those lovely ladyboys of Thailand. If you are looking for a full time ladyboy girlfriend or just a one night stand of fun Thai Friendly has it all. Thought it was about time to do a new post and show some of the new faces that are waiting for you inside the site. This is not a porn site I do want to make that clear, nor is it an escort site it is a dating site. However, many of the ladyboys and when I say many I really mean most do escort and want to meet foreign men. Almost all of the ladyboys on the site would be interested in a boyfriend even if they are escorts now.

Getting a foreign boyfriend is to be honest is considered a big prize to the Thailand Ladyboy. I would say about 90% of the Thai ladyboys on the site will do escorting though. Please do not get me wrong, there are some ladyboys that do not escort at all and want a more serious relationship with a guy that will be true to her and she will be true to you. I am just pointing out the obvious that a lot of the ladyboys will do that extra something on the side. You can usually tell right away by reading the profile if the ladyboy is a non escort because she makes it clear in her profile. Surely, they all get constant sex requests so they usually adjust their profiles accordingly.

Once again the site is free to join and the free membership does give you a lot of features such as the ability to view the photos, message the ladyboy once every 10 minutes and so forth. A paid membership will open up more features such as the ability to send messages all the time, better search features, see who is watching you, go into stealth mode so no one knows you are on the site and so much more. The ability to message right away is the best feature because often the ladyboy you are talking to might get a bit annoyed having to wait 10 minutes for your response. They are often unaware of your restrictions with the free membership.

Unlike many other transsexual dating sites Thai Friendly has mostly legit profiles. Sure there might be the occasional fake one but 99 out of 100 are usually the actually ladyboy in the photos. Most of the ladyboys on the site are in the major cities such as Phuket, Chiang Mai and certainly the most amount of girls will be in Bangkok and Pattaya. Those two cities are the big ones for ladyboys looking for foreigners. So if you are planning on a trip and ladyboys are on your mind Bangkok and Pattaya are probably two cities you do not want to miss. If you really plan on meeting a ladyboy while you are in the country that I would recommend getting a Thai phone number or at least installing a chat application. Most of the ladyboys LINE followed by Whatsapp and Wechat. Most ladyboys will not attempt to meet you if they have no way to actually contact you besides talking on the site, you could just be some dude in another country messing around with them.

Anyway I have several posts on Thai Friendly on Ladyboy Portal so make sure to check them out. You will see other samples of the babes and some more information about the site and how to navigate it and such. To be honest I just wrote this post for an excuse to browse the ladyboys again and pick out some super hot pics. Have fun and play safe when you visit, for both you and your ladyboy friend!

P.S. Thai Friendly isn’t just ladyboys. There is a huge database of Thai Ladies and also Thai Men as well. Something for everyone so if you are one that isn’t limited to just ladyboys you will have many options inside.