Bangkok Ladyboy Nene

Bangkok Hot Ladyboy Stunner Nene

Nene is a very sexy Bangkok Ladyboy that recently made her debut and now has two full videos over on Asian Tgirl.  She is a perfect example of why one really needs to visit Bangkok if you love ladyboys.  She is a beauty with a great body, nice cock and loves to play in the bedroom.  Her favorite position is 69 and she really enjoys riding on top of you but is also versatile and will be willing to have you do the riding. So many people have a list of ladyboy they want to meet when they first visit Thailand and I was exactly the same way.  I had a top ten but once you get there you will soon realize that there are so many beautiful ladyboys it will make your jaw drop.  Though I did check off some of my list in the top ten I didn’t even care about the list after the first night, just so much ladyboy ass.

You can also see her first set for the site as I posted a Ladyboy Photo Gallery of Nene on the models tube.  I have do admit I like the jeans better not because I do not think she is hot in the dress.  You just don’t see a lot of ladyboy wearing jeans in Thailand and you see so many wearing a dress like this.  Almost feels like all the ladyboys go to the exact same store at times.  So it was nice to see her in tight jeans and to be frank I actually like the more tomboy ladyboy look better, but that is just me.

Ladyboy Nene Bangkok