Ladyboy Gail

Bangkok Ladyboy Newcomer Babe Gail

Gail is a beautiful versatile Bangkok Ladyboy making her first appearance on Frank’s Tgirls.  Just goes to show you that this city and country just seems to have an endless supply of amazing ladyboys for the fan to enjoy.  I have lived in Thailand before and it is like a candy store.  So much in fact that I often do not even search out ladyboys I see online because you have such a selection of beautiful girls to play with.  However, there is one that comes up that I just love and Gail is the perfect example.  I think she has an unique look to her and I just love her cute face, great body and yes that big hard cock helps as well.  She is a freelancer in Bangkok and if you are unfamiliar with what that means, it basically means she is an escort.  Though most of these girls would love to have a full-time boyfriend instead if you have the ability to take care of them.

Mind you not all ladyboys are escorts like so many people believe.  Many have regular jobs and have nothing to do with the industry though I will admit a lot of the ladyboys that do have regular jobs are still quite easy to pick up as a foreign man.  It is a big goal for many of these ladyboys to be on the arm of a foreign man, a status symbol and many do think we are all rich or at least well off to take care of them.  It really is not a bad thing either as many of these ladyboys are super sweet, fun and wild in the bedroom and many actually do fall in love with foreign men even if it starts off being about money and yes there are some just in it for the money.  I know some of these ladyboys have many overseas boyfriends sending them cash, I mean why not if you make them all happy, just gets tricky when the come to visit.  I can’t say anything about how Gail is in the real world but when I get back to Thailand hopefully next year she is surely on my list.

Ladyboy Gail Bangkok