Bangkok Ladyboy kitty

Bangkok Ladyboy Debut Kitty

Kitty is a sexy Bangkok Ladyboy that is making her debut over on Frank’s Tgirls.  She is a stunning girl standing at almost 6 feet tall and those legs will surely look amazing wrapped around you.   Kitty is from up north but like many ladyboys she has moved to Bangkok in order to find work in the sex district industry for the most part.  She is a versatile bottom meaning she prefers to have you on top but she is no stranger for reversing those roles and she does enjoy it.  She used to work at Chili Bar which was a popular Asian Tgirl bar where you could go and meet sexy special girls just like her.  Of course during the pandemic many of these establishments have closed either for good or on a temporary basis.  So these days she is a freelancer and would love to meet you.

Like many of the ladyboys in Thailand they are looking for a full-time boyfriend but will have fun along the way if you are not interested in settling down.  Ladyboys for the most part would love to have a partner and they are well known for being super sweet and taking care of their men.  I have a feeling that Kitty would make a great girlfriend but also a hot time in the hotel.  The choice is yours and she does love to travel so if you like to take her on a trip to the beach she will pack her bikini and be very excited to go.

Bangkok Ladyboy Kitty