Asian Tgirl Jenny

Jenny White Lingerie Ladyboy Strip

Jenny is back and this seductive natural beauty from Pattaya is looking great.  This is from her second video over on Asian Tgirl so if you like what you see make sure to come and check her out.  The full scene she does a cumshot in the video which is always hot.  As you may know I have a thing for the natural ladyboys more than the ones with the breast and ass enhancements.  Nothing against those that go under the knife and I often like many of them to but a personal preference is for those that just look like Jenny with nothing done at least as of yet.  She will surely get some work down in the future like most ladyboys.  Not all of them go under the knife but certainly I would say 95% of them in the adult industry will eventually do so.

I remember being in Thailand and the ladyboys would always ask me if I like big boobs and seemed shocked when I told them I was fine with the natural look or the little boobs from the hormones.  They seem to think as foreigners we all want those huge boobs but that is not always the case.  I have had my share of both and on Asian Tgirl you will get both as well.  Asian Tgirl has lots of different types of horny ladyboys which makes it such a great site.  Jenny is one I will be looking up when I get back to Thailand.  I love her face, I love her ass as well, so inviting and I need those panties down soon.

Ladyboy Jenny Pattaya