Ladyboy Nurse PR

Bangkok Ladyboy Nurse PR

PR is a very sexy Bangkok Ladyboy that is a receptionist in her day time job but she does love to model and meet horny foreign guys as well.  She is looking for a boyfriend but she is cool with some night time fun as well.  She loves to dress up in Cosplay and over on Asian Tgirl she has got this fun Nurse scene but she also has a maid one as well.  I found her first two videos she was a lot more shy but she seems to have opened up more on this one.  Just need to see a bit more smiling from her, I know what she is trying to do.  Trying to give off that seductive model look that many of the ladyboys do but when you meet her in person she is all smiles.  Sometimes I wish the photographers would make sure to get some smiling in.  Sure we all love the sexy bodies, the hard cocks and the tight asses but add a smile to that and you are golden.

PR has got a great hot body, it is petite and has a nice hard cock and a perfect hand grabbing ass.  Her little ass has a very welcoming opening as well.  I think I could lose myself in that ass.  Now she is a girl that loves the tattoos.  I actually like tattoos in moderation but lately I am seeing a lot of ladyboys going all out for the full back tattoo.  I personally think it is too much but I still take PR for a night in the sack.  Not sure why many of the models recently are getting this done and I have to admit they are probably touch as nails to sit through probably multiple tattoo sessions to get something like this done.  I do not know what it is, I find when you have to many big tattoos I feel a bit of femininity is lost, this is just my own personal feelings towards it.  I know many fans will absolutely love PR’s big tattoo, as I always say to each their own.

Ladyboy PR