Ladyboy Natalie Shower

Braces Sexy Shower Ladyboy Natalie

Another very hot find in Bangkok as we are introduced to the very sexy Natalie.  She is from the mountain area but she now lives and works in Bangkok city and she is looking for you.  She is a versatile beauty but prefers to top but is just as happy to have you inside her tight little ass.  She looks great in the shower getting that body all wet and she just can’t help but be rock hard knowing that the camera is on her and you are watching her.  I do love the Thai Ladyboys that wear braces, in fact braces are very popular with everyone in Thailand.  Lots of people wear them not so much that they need them but they think they are cute and I would have to agree.  A lot of braces are more of fashion and though I do not know the reason why Natalie wears them we can agree she looks crazy cute in them.

This is from her video shoot on Tgirls XXX.  You maybe familiar with the photography as Frank who is one of the most well known ladyboy photographers obviously did this scene.  Though he does have his own site sometimes he works for Tgirls XXX as well since they are all under the one company Grooby Productions.  Natalie is a perfect example how loaded this country is for these special girls.  If you visit Pattaya, Bangkok or Phuket you will see them everywhere and pretty much every city you will see them from time to time but those cities I just mentioned are no doubt the most popular, they come to the big cities where the tourists go though these days that is not as much.

Ladyboy Natalie