LAdyboy Ploy

Bangkok Super Cutie Ploy

Beautiful Bangkok beauty Ploy is back for her third video and photo set for popular site Frank’s Tgirls World.  I was blown away when I saw her third set as she has become so much hotter than her last two scenes.  Do not get me wrong she was a beauty in those two as well but give it a few years and these newer ladyboys to the scene often look even hotter.  Most of it is because they learn from other ladyboys and girls what to dress, how to apply make-up better and basically learn what makes us ladyboy fans want them even more.  Ploy in my opinion has got to be one of the most popular ladyboy names in Thailand.  Seems when I was living there I met a Ploy every second night and if you look on the adult sites Ploy for Asian Tgirls is certainly in the top 3 most used names.

Ploy is a bit shy at first but she warms up quickly especially if you show her attention.  She has that big braces smile, cute hair and a killer body.  I have a fetish of sexy stomachs and in my opinion she has that as well, nice and flat.  A great body for a sweet girl that would love to have you come and visit her in Bangkok.

Ladyboy Ploy