Ladyboy Cindy

Sexy Cindy Bangkok Ladyboy Returns

Bangkok beauty Cindy has returned to Asian Tgirl after about 1 year of not being on the site.  She looks amazing with her new look and yes she does have some new boobs as well.  I know from experience that usually when a model gets new breasts they often become more confident in their own body and that always translates so well in the bedroom.  I do not have first hand experience with Cindy but hopefully one day I will.  Cindy is more of a bottom girl and from what I hear she really knows how to work it.  She would love to spend some time rocking it in the bedroom and she knows you would surely enjoy some time with her.  She is in Bangkok now but she has worked overseas in the past so she has some world experience with her.  A lot of the models do travel especially in Asia as most Asian countries you can travel between them pretty easily.

Ladyboy Asian Beauty Cindy