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Ladyboy Portal – Thailand Bar Reviews | Dating | Girlfriends | October 28, 2020

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Cockatoo Ladyboy Bar Soi Cowboy

Cockatoo Ladyboy Bar Soi Cowboy

| On 25, Jun 2014

Cockatoo is a Ladyboy Bar that is located in the famous Soi Cowboy Sex District area. Unlike Nana Plaza that has a number of Ladyboy bars; Cockatoo is the only full Ladyboy Bar on Soi Cowboy. Sure you might find a few ladyboys at other bars on the street but none dedicated to them as Cockatoo is. It is pretty hard to miss with the big neon lights as you see in the photos and there might be a few ladyboys trying to convince you to come and join them out front.

Cockatoo Ladyboy Bar Bangkok

Cockatoo Bar has some very lovely ladyboys and they are usually dancing on stage in bikinis or sitting with customers inside of the bar. I will say that the ladyboys in this bar can be a little on the aggressive side, especially when you first enter the bar. You will no doubt have a whole bunch of ladyboys standing right in front of you hoping that you will select them. I personally find that overwhelming as I am a guy that likes to sit in the bar, grab a drink and then take my time to choose one. You of course do not have to choose one right at the door but they will continue to pose like models in front of you until you select one. Try not to choose to fast because you might be missing out on some gems you didn’t notice as you got a crowd of ladyboys in front of you.

Cockatoo Ladyboy Bar Bangkok

Much like the Go-Go Bars in Nana Plaza the girls are in Bikinis as I stated with numbers. If you want to call one over you can either get the attention of the Ladyboy herself or ask one of the staff by stating her number. She will be more than happy to come over and have a drink with you and if you want you can take her out of the bar and have some fun with her. Of course there is a bar fine for the Ladyboy to remove her from the establishment and then you have to work out the price of the Ladyboy for her services. I do not believe that Cockatoo has short time rooms connected to the bar but this is a sex district street so you will find lots of places to have some, unless you decide to take her back to your home or hotel.

There are definitely some stunners at this bar and you might notice a few of the ladyboys have more of a Korean or Japan look to them. That is because Soi Cowboy often has a lot of Rich Asian Business men and these ladyboys are trying to attract that particular type of customer. Does that mean they will not go with you? No they will still go with you but if you are not an Asian Business men and you are both calling the same Ladyboy over chances are she might go with him instead of you. However, for the most part what I have seen with ladyboys they will go with pretty much anybody. The girl bars that cater more to the Asian Market usually don’t even look at you when you go to their bars, something I doubt you will see at Cockatoo.

Cockatoo Ladyboy Bar Bangkok Review

When you enter the bar you will notice that Cockatoo is not that big. It is more long then wide and has a dance floor in the center that usually has about 10 to 15 ladyboys at a time. There are soft chairs and small tables for your drinks pretty much directly in front of the dancing area on both sides. So the ladyboys are kind of right in your face, which is great for some people but for those that like to hide a few rows back it might be a little bit on the intimidating side. This bar is actually owned by the same people that own Temptations Bar in Nana Plaza which also is not very big in size but Cockatoo is a little smaller.

The bar closes down at 2am along with the rest of Soi Cowboy. If you can wait it out you might be able to catch some of them leaving the bar soon after or walking around the street trying to score one last customer. The drinks I would say are a little more expensive as Soi Cowboy is known for being a little more pricy and to be honest I am not sure of the Bar Fines I would guess probably 600 to 1000 Baht. I like Cockatoo, I would say the ladyboys here are not the sweet cute ones you might find looking at you like a place like Cascade but the ladyboys here are quite sexy and you will certainly find a few favorites. If you are in the area I would say it is a must see for any Ladyboy fan. It might not be one that you visit often due to the lack of other Ladyboy bars in the area but if you like gender girls as well like me, well you got a whole street of that as well.

Cockatoo Ladyboy Bar Bangkok Review

As for privacy, well the bar is located right on Soi Cowboy beside a bunch of girl Go-Go Bars so there is a good chance you are going to get noticed if you walk in the bar. However, inside it is quite private and to be honest this is a sex street no one cares if you go in or out of a Ladyboy bar, in fact out of all the Ladyboy bars this one probably is one that has more curious tourists, people that just want to see what a Ladyboy bar is all about. As for getting there well you can figure out how to take the sky train or just hope in a taxi.  Every Bangkok driver is going to know where Soi Cowboy is, just say you want to go there.

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  • Only Ladyboy Bar On Soi Cowboy
  • Hot Ladyboys
  • A Little Aggressive


  1. Kalvin


    I already been there few time. The ladyboy are very sexy and gorgeous. But, I prefer the King Castle in Paptong. My girlfriend have few friend who work there. Especially the ladyboy who have the number 12. Very look like a Woman (she have no operation), and many customer who come the first don’t know about her little secret. Hehe…

    • LadyboyFan

      glad you had great experiences I like King Castle as well, been a while since I been there but had a great time

  2. Ray

    Great post!

    I just went to Cockatoo last week. Lost of cuties there, and a ton of the ladyboys are college age which is nice.

    • LadyboyFan

      does sound nice!

    • ya they got a really nice lineup going right now

  3. Jacob

    came to Cockatoo hoping to see a caberet show with my girlfriend because we’d heard it was fun. We each had a drink, and paid for a round for the two ladyboy who escorted us inside. They told us the show was upstairs, but we had to pay first. After running my credit card, I was handed a bill for 7000+ baht and told that it was too late to see any shows but we could watch them fool around with each other instead. When we told them we weren’t interested in this arrangement and wanted our money back, they kicked us out and threatened to call the police. Future patrons beware.

    • LadyboyFan

      Well that sounds like a terrible experience. Unfortunately, they are known to happen here and there. Personally I would never give my credit card to a Go Go Bar, just pay in cash and sometimes you do have to keep an eye on what you are being charged for. I doubt they would have called the police, if they did they would probably side with the tourist 🙂 they usually do not have a lot of time for ladyboys but in any case it is too bad you had this experience, I have found Soi Cowboy which is where cockatoo is a pricey area and you got to be careful.

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