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Chiang Mai Ladyboys Thailand

If you have lived or have visited Thailand often enough you probably know by now that Bangkok or Pattaya probably has the best selection of ladyboys. However, other areas in Thailand such as Phuket, Hua Hin and Chiang Mai also have ladyboys to enjoy. Sure the selection will be a lot smaller and you will have to get your search goggles out but Thailand is filled with ladyboys and you really can’t avoid them.

My friend recently visited Chiang Mai which is one of the largest cities in Thailand that is situated up in the northern region. This area has some beautiful scenery including some fantastic mountains. The main city has quite the charm as there is both an older area and a new and you get a bit of a hip feeling all around you with great restaurants, coffee shops and just places to chill out. Much cleaner then Pattaya and Bangkok but does lack the beaches and water of other parts of Thailand might have.

chiang mai ladyboys

Of course my friend had to check out the Ladyboy scene and give us a sweet little review of the area. He is no expert on Chiang Mai but happened to find some interesting areas and tips that you might enjoy. First of all the area is well known for a lot of universities and yes ladyboys do start quite young so seeing a 18 to 22 year old in her university outfit is going to happen and they are quite hard to resist looking that way. Unlike Bangkok and Pattaya you might have to work a little harder to get their attention and they also might be a little on the shy side as well as they don’t have the full on experience with foreigners like in the more sex areas of Thailand. You will certainly see them around the area, in the malls, at restaurants and so forth and unlike Western countries the girls and ladyboys enjoy wearing their cute university outfits.

If you are looking for Ladyboy that works in the bars then you can find that in Chiang Mai as well. Chiang Mai does not have the huge sex district areas of a place like Pattaya or Bangkok but like most places in Thailand there are always a few areas where you can meet sexy ladyboys and girls. Mostly in Chiang Mai you will find regular bars that are usually open air bars and there are hardly any indoor Go-Go type bars, I believe they only have two at the moment and they are gender girl bars.

One of the more popular areas is LoiKroh Road which has a number of bars along a small street. My friend managed to check out two Ladyboy bars in the area, both off this street in a beer bar complex. The first was called Shamrock Bar and the second was Marina Bar. There was also another Ladyboy bar right on Loikroh road but I am afraid he did not go there and I am not sure of the name, but will certainly update this blog when I do.

ladyboy bars in Chiang Mai

The Shamrock Bar is a friendly open air bar with some tables out front of the bar. There are also some stools by the bar and a pool table to play with the ladyboys. At the time that my friend was in the bar there was about 6 ladyboys working there from cute to more stallion like but all a lot of fun. They enjoyed getting their photo taken and were great company and of course they were ready to go home with you at a moment’s notice. The prices for booze were reasonable and the bar closes about 12:00am. For the most part Chiang Mai night life closes down at midnight with a few after hour clubs that stay open a little later.

ladyboy shamrock bar Chiang Mai

The second bar that he went to was called Marina Bar which is situated in the back left of that same complex. A little smaller but had a lot of charm. If you happen to be there on a Muay Thai Fight night you can actually sit at this bar and enjoy pretty good seats for the fight. The girls there were also quite friendly and the atmosphere was quite good. One thing my friend noticed right away were the ladyboys on average are not as aggressive then the sex district areas such as in Pattaya. He found many of them a lot shyer and they did not take the more aggressive steps that Ladyboy bars that are known for getting down and dirty do. Does that mean that the girls were no fun? Not at all, but it did take a little more to get them to loosen up. The bars are also not as private so you might feel a little shy yourself if you decided to get aggressive yourself.

I will go into more details of the bars in future posts as this post is just an introduction on the Ladyboy life of Chiang Mai. Besides the bars and the universities there are also a couple Ladyboy shows for tourists and the after hour clubs. Ladyboys are also known for hanging out at the clubs looking for late night foreigners that are hoping to continue the fun. There are also some street walkers towards the end of LoiKroh road if you just want to skip the whole bar scene and just get right down to the action. Then finally you can find ladyboys on chat programs such as We Chat, Badoo and dating sites like Thai Friendly but as I said before the selection will be a lot smaller then a place like Bangkok.