Ladyboy Gail Bangkok

Girl Next Door Ladyboy Gail

If you ever get the chance to live in Thailand it would not be a surprise to have a beautiful and friendly ladyboy like Gail living right next to you.  Of course if you are living in high end condos perhaps not with the working girls but even if she does not live beside you, you are surely going to see girls just like her walking around outside all the time.  Gail is a sweetheart and you can tell just from her smile and the way she carries herself you are going to have a great time.  She is a freelance escort but like many ladyboys she is always on the hunt for that full-time boyfriend that she can take care of and have fun in and out of the bedroom.  Imagine waking up to this cutie and her hard cock every single morning.  Gail is a versatile bottom meaning she prefers to bottom for the most part but she is no stranger to flipping positions.

Gail now has two full videos and photo sets on Franks Tgirls World and hopefully many more into the future. Frank is one of the best sites for Thai Ladyboys by far.  He does not do much in the way of hardcore scenes but he really knows how to bring out the beauty even more on these lovely girls.  Frank is a true fan and a great photographer and he has access to some of the finest talent mostly in Bangkok. I also have another set of the lovely Gail on the Ladyboy Portal that you can check out as well, she is fantastic.

Ladyboy Bangkok Gail