Gurlz ladyboy Band

Gurlz Ladyboy Music Band

Ladyboys The Band (Gurlz!) is a music band filled with sexy ladyboys that are not only beautiful but also quite talented and they are taking the world by storm. Well maybe, not the whole world but there has been some interest in this band especially with the curious for something different and of course Ladyboy Fans. The band started out with a combination of babes that were working out of mostly Pattaya but also Bangkok. The band was put together by Britain Barry Upton with help from Sky TV who have been making documentaries on ladyboys and added them to their television lineup.

Ladyboys The Band has had a few member changes but they managed to put out a video and even a CD that I believe you can also get on iTunes. The ladyboys outside of their singing are actually working girls in the bar industry. Options are limited for ladyboys in Thailand. Sure some of them manage to find normal day to day jobs but often many move into the sex industry and I believe most if not all the girls in the band have also been in the sex/bar industry. That does not make them bad people, they are sweet, friendly, beautiful and talented but like I said options can be limited. It does not surprise me these dolls got a band together, I have always found most of the Thais are very talented in many regards and just being ladyboys they already have that desire to be in front of the camera.

The Band also got some interest from the Thai people as well and appeared on shows in Thailand to show off their singing abilities and dance skills. All of them have a unique look and the music is more pop than anything else with many of the songs playing on the ladyboy image but they are almost all original songs. I believe only one cover is on the album. I have a feeling that Barry Upton was surely involved in creating a lot of the music. Barry is a radio DJ, Talk show host, presenter, singer and many other talents. He is a jack of all trades when it comes to the entertainment side of things and you often see him in Pattaya on commercials, making songs for the city, charity events and much more. Seems he has fallen in love with the Thailand culture as much as many of us have. Ladyboys are part of the culture there is no doubt about that and often get a bad image from the press but that is only a select few bad apples.  Most ladyboys are caring, friendly and lovely people that  can easily bring a smile to your face, it is after all The Land Of Smiles.

The photos supplied on this post are from Brian from Wom Image on Facebook. He is an amazing photographer that enjoys taking photos of both ladies and ladyboys. You can check him out on his Facebook page above or even his website at We at Ladyboy Portal thank him very much for allowing us to use his wonderful images of these incredible ladyboys.